10 Advantages of Cycling

Going to exercise is the best way to raise lasting health gains and cycling can be an ally of those who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle: a common promise that is made every year.

10 Advantages of Cycling

“Like all sports, cycling brings great benefits to the body and heart in a global and integrated way,” says cardiologist João Vicente da Silveira.”And it is worth remembering that it is essential to wear appropriate suits and equipment to practice sports, such as wearing a helmet,” the doctor says.

Pedaling is one of the most complete activities because it moves the whole body.

Know 10 Key Advantages Of Cycling:

– Fights stress and depression: Cardiac contractions become more effective and, with this, the blood reaches the brain more quickly, thus reducing the incidence of anxiety, distress and depression.

– Improves sexual intercourse: As a tonification of the vessels of the thighs and legs occurs, blood supply to the genitals and pelvic vessels intensifies, which contributes to a better penile erection and increases vaginal lubrication, leading to a pleasurable sexual intercourse.

– Emagrece: Combined with a healthy diet and low calories, the pedals help weight loss, weight control, and promote weight loss, reducing body fat.

– It makes you happier and have a good sleep: The act of pedaling stimulates the release of endorphins (endogenous morphines – which make the individual happier), also increases the levels of serotonin (the so-called happiness hormone), generating the Relaxation, essential factors for a healthy sleep.

– Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides: With constant practice of cycling, consumption of fats and decrease of total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol), in addition to triglycerides.

– Prevents infarction: There is also a decrease in blood glucose, controlling diabetes, which is a risk factor for the formation of atherosclerotic plaque, leading to angina and acute myocardial infarction.

– It lowers blood pressure:  Pedaling often tones the blood vessels (arteries and veins) and makes them relax more easily, contributing to the decrease in blood pressure, which is an important risk factor for coronary heart disease.

– Increases Immunity: With improved heart contraction, the immune system gets stimulated and raises the production of white blood cells, helping the body to defend itself against viruses and bacteria.

– Improves Breathing: The effort of the pedals increases the heart rate, improving oxygenation of the lungs and tissues.

– Ensures good form and athlete’s breath: The recurring practice of cycling tones the leg muscles, in addition to increasing aerobic and cardiovascular performance.