10 Types of Lingerie That Every Woman Should Have

Have you thought about what you might be missing in your lingerie drawer?

There’s no point in choosing the best clothes, the most famous brands, invest in that party dress and neglecting of lingerie. The best productions have the best lingerie as allies.

The dresses are prettier with certain bras. The pants and skirts look better in the body more just when her panties was well selected. We feel prettier when the lingerie is “powerful”. That is a fact.

Now, that can not miss in your wardrobe when it comes to lingerie?

Here programingplease selected 10 models that every woman should have, because they are the most practical and multifunctional lingerie, in some cases.

  1. strapless Bra

Especially in the summer, he can’t miss. Is a wildcard in the wardrobe, super necessary to also strapless necklines.

  1. seamless Panties

They are sensational! No mark under clothes, ideal to be worn with dresses, skirts and pants justinhas. I have a certain “terrified” of underwear, especially if it is large, those that “divide” the buttocks in half. People, is very ugly! Experience a seamless panties and see what it can do for you!

  1. Strappy Bra

There’s no way to spend the summer without it. Super practical and fashion, can be on display with strips on your lap, on the back or below the breasts. A mega trend.

  1. Adhesive Bra

For those who have small to medium breasts, is a salvation. Low-cut dresses in the back require a bra adhesive.

  1. Cropped

The cropped arrived for a while and don’t go out of style. It is perfect to be used with transparencies, looks great on several productions. Just don’t go over at all in who has a biotype more oval, with greater volume in the abdomen. But in all others, is beautiful.

  1. Body of income

He came quietly and today is a passion of the chicks. He models the body, is ideal to be used with transparencies and let any beautiful woman, more skinny to fat.

  1. Body hair straightener

For all women who have a protruding belly, the body hair straightener is a solution. It reduces measures, leaves everything in place and ensures a perfect production.

  1. Corset

At some point you will want to use. Beautiful, they can surprise under dresses or pants. With or without tights, is a type of lingerie that leaves a very beautiful woman.

  1. Nude Bra

Or beige. They say it’s boring, I know. But it is a necessity! A white shirt to a formal event calls for a lingerie skin color. There are some variations, as the grape (a lighter lilac), that can replace it, but he can’t miss.

  1. Sexy Lingerie

She makes you feel more beautiful, powerful, sensual. Although nobody go and see, it’s nice to use a new, Lacy lingerie, with beautiful colors, anyway, part of our femininity.