10 Wedding Dresses That Will Get You Leaner!

All brides idealize the day of their marriage. In addition to the numerous details of the party, they must be beautiful in incredible wedding dresses, at the very least. After all, it is the most special day of their lives, in which all eyes will be on them. That is why, in this context, one more worry arises: to be thin and beautiful for the day of the ceremony. Are you already thinking about it?

Well, it’s almost unanimous: most brides want to get married thin. Some even make diets, intensive projects with exercises and aesthetic treatments in support of this goal. A real marathon! Joking aside, thinking about this issue is very important, especially because the process of weight loss requires time and a little patience.

It’s the medium to long term to begin with. However, there are other ways to be thinner for marriage through less complex artifices. And at that point, fashion is your biggest ally, since your wedding dress can be instrumental in determining your shape.

Well, it is on this subject that we will treat on the blog now. You will learn what details can make a difference in  wedding dresses and identify which model suits your reality. Understanding your own image is the first step in choosing your dress. In this way, all beauty can be contemplated and celebrated, highlighting its strengths.

First, you need to know the characteristics of your silhouette. This will be the initial step to electing your wedding dress. From there, it is necessary to identify what can be valued and what should be softened in the look . These tips are valuable for both plus size brides and those who prefer not to evidence only a specific part of the body.

Below, look at the 5 common body shapes and see where you fit. Generally, oval, pear and inverted triangle types are the most likely to be overweight. Check it:

Seen this, enjoy the tips to get inspired and dream about your dress. Come with us!

Meet The 10 Models Of Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Thin

1 –  Bridesmaid Dresses

We can say that these are the  most democratic wedding dresses, because they favor all bodies. They work very well for overweight women whose bodies are oval in shape or have a more bulging hip than the shoulders – defined as a pear type.

They value the waist, which gets smaller than these two parts, leaving the body line harmonic. They are very traditional, so there is no chance of going wrong. They are also feminine, delicate and very elegant. If this is your profile, you can put this template in your list.

2 – Bridesmaid Dresses With Ruffles

These dresses are suitable for brides whose bodily distribution is mostly at the top of their physical structure – for this reason, this body is called an inverted triangle. Soon, these wedding dresses are ideal for marking the waist and enhancing the hip, minimizing the proportion of the trunk.

This is possible because of the bodice allied the layers of the skirt. In this way, the silhouette gains a new perspective, softening the lines that are not proportional. This is also a great alternative for the bride who has a more lush and glamorous style. What about?

3 – Empire Wedding Dresses

The dresses in the empire model are ideal for oval body type. This is because the strip just below the bust minimizes its characteristics, giving the impression that the waist is smaller. Inspired by Rome and ancient Greece, they are chic, romantic and at the same time bring a freshness with a touch of modernity for the bride to wear it. Impossible of not being a hit,the empire wedding dresses are one of the most acclaimed by the brides.

4 – Wedding Dresses In “A” Skirt And “V”

These are perfect for those who are overweight (oval body) or have shoulders wider than the hip (inverted triangle body). The neckline and the skirt fit the shapes very well, especially in relation to the upper and lower limbs. Along with this, stretches the silhouette, which appears more outlined under the wedding dress. It is a super feminine model, sensual and, at the same time, romantic. Can you imagine yourself in it?

5 – Princess Wedding Dresses

The princess model is the brides darling. Very popular, these dresses have the waist marked and enough fabric in the skirt. It should only be used by those who have the inverted triangle body type, because – thus – it is possible to give volume to the hip.

In this way, the piece can establish a balance with the upper part, leaving the silhouette leaner and more beautiful. For the bride who seeks romanticism, glamor and an atmosphere of fairy tales, there is no better. Apart from that physical profile, only – really – the bride is 100% lean.

6 – Wedding Dresses With Skirt In “A” And Detail In The Bar

These models of wedding dresses favor those who have the highest concentration of volume in the hip or, rather, the pear type. With the bar highlighted, you can draw attention to that point and get the focus off of what should not be emphasized.

The bride can wear from lace to other patterns and fabrics to do this. This model gives a body unity and a softer silhouette design. It can be worn with a falling tomboy, leaving the bride sexy, but also with a touch of sensitivity, a lot of elegance and grandeur.

7 – Strapless Wedding Dresses With High Collar And Straight Skirt

Also ideal for the pear body, the  high-necked belted wedding dresses and straight skirt draw attention to the lap. They leave the silhouette more elongated and still lower the size of the hip through the modeling of the skirt. Thus, everything is more aligned and with proportional appearance. It is a very elegant, classic and very charming bet for brides. Would you use?

8 – Bridesmaid Dresses

The model will take that fall is a classic and the favorite of many brides. With structured fabrics, discreet neckline and tailored fit, it can favor, yes, the bride who is not in shape. He is most welcome to anyone who has the most obvious hip and the smallest top of his physique (pear).

Along with this, the belt marked with a corset and an “A” skirt are enough to further increase the silhouette and balance the proportions. It is an option that shows elegance coupled with sensuality in a rather subtle way.

9 – Short Wedding Dresses 

The more modern ones can opt for informal wedding dresses or less pompous. They cater to brides with more prominent (oval) abdominals. With the bar at knee height, the waist can be marked, just like the empire model, just below the bust.

Thus, it will be possible to stay visually higher by minimizing the volumes and points that do not need to be shown. The result is a more informal, lightweight, young and very elegant bride in the right measure.

10 – Wedding Dresses With Sleeves, Collar “V” And Skirt In “A”

The sleeveless version comes along nicely with two very effective jokers in slimming the notices that are concerned with this issue: the “A” skirt and the “V” neckline. These can be worn by any bride who is overweight. In this way, the arms are camouflaged and the neckline next to the skirt enlarges the silhouette, praising its positive points, the neck and the face. This is a very romantic and very simple variation of bridal gowns.

What Works And What Should Not Be Done When Choosing Wedding Dresses To Make You Leaner

The models described above are suggestions based on trends for wedding dresses, which aim to provide a leaner body contour to brides. But you can go beyond, if you want, without problems. However, keep in mind that some items are essential for success: bodices, short or long sleeves, “V” neckline, evasion skirt and “A”, strategic (bust / hip / bar and essential. As for the colors, the best options are the white ice and the pearl.  

It is worth emphasizing that the organization of this mix will depend on the constitution of your body, what you want to emphasize and what you want to disguise. This is very important. However, be aware of what should not be done. Such as bulky fabrics, wide pieces, very deep necklines, bare backs, and models that exaggerate shapes, such as the mermaid. Avoid!

Okay, it’s time to act. Study the possibilities, mix the ideas, be creative. Now, you already have the knowledge to do this and use fashion to your advantage. What is your ideal dress model? Comment below, share your questions and opinions. Also enjoy and subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive content!