10GB for 49 Euros with Vodafone. We Summarize All Their Data Rates

After the latest enhancements presented two weeks ago at the rates to surf mobile from computer, now Vodafone gives a review also to its rates for business and makes it to the height of Movistar launched 10GB for 49 euros.

The Flat rate Premium is updated to offer from October 6 a bonus 10 GB autonomous and corporate customers for a monthly fee of 49 euros (59 euros if you don’t have a company rate) while the additional traffic will be free to 128 Kbps speed or you can choose pay it to 20 euros/additional GB but not reduce speed.

After the latest enhancement, turn to summarize all the Vodafone data rates for navigate from a computer to a maximum of 7.2Mpbs of descent and ascent 2Mbps permitting the device and network.

  • Daily rate: For 2.50 euros per day of use can surf no speed limit Although consumed traffic must be paid at the rate of 5 euros first giga and 20 euros per each additional giga.
  • Browse Mini: 19 euros/month navigates 500MB and additional traffic are billed to 1.9 EUR/day of use unlimited traffic but with speed limited to 128 Kbps from 4 GB/month.
  • Surf Plus: 39 euros/month navigates unlimited traffic and speed limited to 128 Kbps from 4 GB/month. This rate will lower your price to 31.20 euros/month if you are a university or to 19.10 euros/month if you have ADSL.
  • Flat rate Premium: It allows to navigate from 49 euros/month unlimited traffic and speed limited to 128 Kbps from 10 GB/month. Only available for freelancers and companies.