14 Myths about Bra You Believed until Today

The bra is an ally of many women, but it is also a piece hated by a good many of them. It is no wonder that the act of burning the bras was one of the symbols of women’s struggle for their rights, an act of liberation.

14 Myths about Bra You Believed until Today

The fact is that he is in the wardrobe of the vast majority of them and not everything we know about him is true. Here are some of the much debated, some even controversial, myths about wearing bras.

1-Wear bra early on teach your breasts to grow

The breasts have their own growth plan and do not need any instruction.

2-Not wearing bra makes it bad for breasts

For us women, who are so familiar with gravity, this seems to be very true, but it is not. Not wearing a bra will not leave the breasts ugly and does not cause sagging or anything like that.

3-Sleep in a bra makes her breasts firmer or makes her breasts worse

The doctor and teacher, Deborah Axelrod, noted that sleeping with a bra does not make the breasts more firm or bring any other special benefits. Dr. Charles Burnett, a plastic surgeon in New Jersey, makes it clear that sleeping with a bra does not hurt your breasts either, it only adds to the discomfort for many women.

4-The bra has to be attached to the tightest hook

During the time of use, the bra tends to loosen so you will have to use the next hooks. Buy a bra that looks perfectly when fitted into the first pair of hooks , and only later will you wear the tightest.

5-Bust and wire bras cause cancer

This false statement came about through a myth released in the 1990s based on information that the bra impairs the circulation of the lymphatic system and accumulates toxins in the body tissues of the region. To date, there has been no scientific investigation with results favorable to this myth.

6-A bra should last for a year or more

When worn properly and receiving proper care, a bra tends to last for eight months. After that, it gets looser and does not offer the necessary support. Therefore, it is important to have several bras and vary the use between the pieces.

7-All bra sizes are also created

You probably can not wear the same bra size when you compare different brands, do not you? This is because not all brands have consistency with sizes, since each has its own “fit model”. In addition, there may be variation in size between the bra models, even when they are of the same brand.

8-Bras leave flaccid breasts

A French study, released a long time ago, pointed out that the bras did not bring any benefit to the breasts and could even contribute to the flaccidity of the region. But there have been many problems with this study and the scientific community has proven otherwise.

9-The lighter, the less visible the bra, especially when wearing light clothing

Wearing a white bra under white clothing leaves the lingerie much more visible. The correct thing to disguise the piece is to use a color close to the skin tone, and therefore, the color varies from woman to woman.

10-Bras should be washed once a week

Dirt and oiliness of the skin can impair the elasticity of the bra, so you should wash it as soon as possible.

11-The size of the bulge is more important than the rest

The sides of the bra are also extremely important for the support, so attention should be paid to all measures to make the piece look good.

12-It is normal to wear the same bra two days in a row or more

Experts recommend daily change of the piece, as this can detract from the elasticity of the bra and considerably shorten its durability.

13-The bulge is the part that gives more support

It is not the bulge, the bubbles, or the wire: 90% of the support and support comes from the handles.

14-There is a medium size of bras

Researchers say it is impossible to determine a mean bra size, precisely because modeling and material influence size. It’s like jeans: it can fall perfectly on your friend’s body, but it looks bad on yours-and for many women, wearing the same number of jeans is not always possible.