140 Phones in the Power Test

Hold on is the motto! Because without a strong battery the top features of your mobile phone in use nothing at all. We will show you which models the phone Marathon front have the nose.

Nothing robs so much power as a continuous conversation in an area with poor power supply a cell phone battery. Precisely under these unfavourable conditions, we measure the talk time on any cell phone. The mobile phone must send this with maximum performance to maintain the connection to the base station.

Large deviations to the manufacturer’s instructions
The manufacturer’s instructions at run time, however, always refers to the talk time under ideal conditions. This a quite high value comes out naturally. However, we determine the minimum talk time. This value says a lot more about it, how long actually holds through your mobile phone in everyday use.

New entrants
On the following pages, we show you which phones the longest hold out. In the top 10 new these are for example the Samsung mobile phone SGH-G600 and SGH-G800.Apple’s iPhone made it to rank 13, the Nokia E51 ranked 16 via ComputerGees. Not all smartphones are so fit: for Nokia’s sleek clamshell phone N76 for example remained only the penultimate place.

Buying tips and battery care
Five top devices with long battery life, see our buying tips on page three. You will find valuable tips for maintaining the power cell of phone on page two.

Ausdauer-Ranking: 140 Handys auf einen Blick

Top-Athlet, guter Durchschnitt oder Schwächling? Hier erfahren Sie, wie lange Ihr Handy im Akku-Dauertest durchgehalten hat und wie die Konkurrenten abschneiden.

Durable: 10 Tips On Battery Care

The nowadays used lithium batteries are much more robust than the previously used nickel-metal hydride batteries. However, the cell phone battery is a wearing part that lasts longer with some care. And with a few tips, you can significantly extend the runtime in everyday mobile.

Carefully store
Lithium batteries should unload half during prolonged storage time and kept at about 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. This protects the battery. Before you use the battery again, you recharge it again.

Comfort temperature for mobile phones
Protect your mobile phone from extreme temperatures.Never leave it in the summer, for example in the car.There, the temperatures can rise to over 60 degrees. Direct sunlight will damage the battery.

Original Chargers
Do not destroy the sensitive electronics of the batteries, use only original Chargers.

Disable display light
During the day, turn off the backlight if possible. Many phones offer also the possibility to regulate the brightness of the display. The more you Dim save you-more power and thus extend the battery life.

Disable vibrating alert
The vibrating alert is a real power hog: you use it only when it is absolutely necessary.

Save at play
Games consume abundant battery capacity. Do either entirely, or turn off features such as vibration, keypad tones, or the lighting.

Energy saving on the phone
Avoid it, to cover the antenna mounted on the rear side of the device with the hand during a telephone conversation.As a result, send behavior may worsen. The network calls for a higher transmitting power, from mobile phone affiliated which in turn increases the power consumption.

Outdoor antenna
If you are talking in the car, an external antenna is worth. The body protects the mobile, thus it must send with very high performance and consumes more power. The accessories improves, however, the connection to the outside, the transmitting power is reduced, but usually better reception.

Just turn off
Should you long time don’t need your mobile phone, it is worth to switch off the device.

Buying Tips: Five Phones With A Long Breath

Framed the two manufacturers by two Nokia phones – provide three Samsung phones, eight of ten battery most cell phones in our leaderboard.

Nokia E61i
Placement in the battery ranking: 1
The current number three in the Smartphone’s best satisfies all wishes of the business world. And also in terms of multimedia, the E61i cannot match well. With Wi-Fi and UMTS data equipment is extensive, operation and telephone functions can be also seen. Whopping 5 hours and 35 minutes of battery duration talk running, about 20 minutes more than we had measured at the predecessor of E61. The E61i has also a camera which dissolves photos with less than 2 mega pixels as opposed to its predecessor. Also a decent music player is on board.

The price
Much advanced technology for little money: The number three Smartphone are currently available on our price comparison for exactly $300.

Samsung SGH-F300
Placement in the battery ranking: 3
The Samsung SGH-F300 attracts buyers with an original display and operating concept: on the front, a mini display showing the basic necessities. The reverse, however, is widescreen and Navi touch keys fully and all the multimedia functions. With 1 GB memory, the F300 is also a good substitute for your MP3 player.
Thanks to additional battery in case the F300 creates the leap into the top with a measured term of less than five hours 3 of our battery rankings.

The price
Become fast cheap: for about 215 euros you become owner of chic two display phones with a long breath.

Samsung SGH-G600
Placement in the battery ranking: 5
5-megapixel pioneer: The G600 is Samsung’s first phone with 5 megapixel on the German market. Up on a high chroma noise, the images of the G600 cam can let see. Also the music player with ID3 tag support, as well the well-fitting headphones included was able to convince. Multimedia fans will have their enjoyment of the G600. In addition to a rapid data transfer of songs on the phone, the battery last for five hours scarce in continuous conversation. The G600 is compact, lightweight and easy to use, this well processed.

The price
The 16 mm slim slider is now for around 270 euro to have 60 euros of less than even in November 2007.

Samsung SGH-G800
Placement in the battery ranking: 9
The fourth mobile phone with optical zoom on the German market.The feature predecessors are Nokia N93 and N93i now but just dusted on like the sharp 903. Another plus for photo fans: the SGH-G800 has integrated a real Flash and shoot photos with 5 megapixel resolution.The image quality is according to test but not entirely on the level. For this, the G800 battery, control, menu and processing dusts points.Via HSDPA, it can quickly surf the Web with the optimized mobile browser.

The price
Fast cheap has become. The camera phone with small weaknesses has become cheaper after only a few weeks in the market already around 50 euro. The current best price: around 360 euros.

Nokia E90 Communicator
Placement in the battery ranking: 10
The new Communicator Nokia secures first place ranking in the Smartphone with a stunning feature-richness. In addition to all current data interface and lush Office functions also multimedia not neglected this time at the designated business smartphone: the Communicator offers a 3.2-megapixel camera, music player and has a memory card 512 MB Memory included.

The price
Much can costs much: Nokia requires stately 879 euros without a contract for the E90. On our price comparison, you will pay 630 euro currently in the best case.