15 Last Minute Costumes

Tomorrow is Halloween. My first Halloween living in a place that takes Halloween SOOOOO seriously. And by “real” I mean that the people invest even. People spend weeks thinking about fantasy, decorating the facades of the houses with monsters and ghosts and graves, supplying the House of chocolates and candies for the children in “trick or treats”.

15 Last Minute Costumes

Today, even though it’s only Halloween Eve, most of the people go to work dressed as. Yes, people go to the OFFICE in costume.

And I here. Still thinking.

The truth is that I’m not much of a fantasy. I think it’s nice to fantasize about me, but I’m not a mega invest in fantasy. Nor to Carnival I invested a lot. What I find coolest is giving an improvised, buy a prop on the corner of Royal and 3 fine.

So, while I’m here, in the 45 second time researching improvised fantasies to me, I decided to share my search with you. Will y’all have the same craze that I to leave things to the last minute. Bora? 15 super easy costume ideas, with what you already have at home.

ROSIE THE RIVETER (that famous poster “We can do it!”): easy, charming and super girl power! Just a denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a red scarf in your hair.

CUPCAKE (or ice cream): mood cuteness! Just paste a couple of popsicle sticks get spots on a white shirt (or any other pastel), combine with a bottom beige (you don’t even have to be a skirt) and end with a red balloon on his head doing the times of cherry.

MARY POPPINS: I’m suspicious because I’m crazy by Mary Poppins from tiny (I know all the songs from the film, including). But if it’s not the most beautiful fantasy of this world? Just a black skirt, black stockings, a white shirt and a little tie (which you can do at home with Red Ribbon). To finish, the black hood with plastic flowers (you can use your wreath that’s forgotten in a drawer) and a black umbrella. Ready!

CORPSE BRIDE: white dress and a tulle trapped in the hair does the trick. The makeup doesn’t have to be such a profession if you’re like me and don’t have a natural thing. A white powder and black eye and bottom already do the trick. There’s just end with a bouquet of wilted flowers.

FRIDA KAHLO: has become a classic of fantasies, right? Wreath, braid hair, black pencil for eyebrows together and a shawl. There you go.

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY: even on Halloween the black tube is wildcard. Just play some necklaces of pearls over, put your hair in a chic chignon and Qatar the black oclão. To finish, a paper bag (with croissant inside) and a big bowls of coffee.

SCARECROW: a Plaid Shirt, a hat of felt or straw and makeup easier in the world. And it’s not that is cute?

MARGOT TANENBAUM: who loves the Wes Anderson there? I love. And one of my favorite characters is Margot Tanenbaum. Her fantasy is easy easy: black eye, broken hair on the side and stuck with a buckle, leather jacket and cigarette in hand. Oh, can’t forget the man blasé.

Like me and we’re going to a party together homi, we are thinking of costumes that complement each other. So here are some ideas for couples that are pretty easy too.

FUGITIVES: striped sweaters, hat, mask and gloves. The bag of money signal can easily customise easy.

JOHN and YOKO: he in a white shirt and pants (can be flared?) and Dr. spectacles. You big hair wild, oclão, chaplain. And all in a climate of peace and love.

MIA WALLACE and VINCE VEGA: you remember that I’ve fantasized about me Mia when I cut my hair, huh? Just the white shirt, black pants and rehearsed choreography.

MAGICIAN and RABBIT: I found tãaaaaaao cute! He in a suit, hat and a wand that you don’t even have to be a magician even. You and little ears. Ready.

STRUCK by LIGHTNING: nor need much dexterity with the scissors to be able to do the damn costume. And to the victim’s costume, just cut a couple of pieces of an old shirt, dirty black, messy hair and that’s resolved.

FORREST and JENNY: a couple more classic and super easy to replicate. Climate of 70 years, with a right to the head and viola flowers on hand for Jenny. Pro Forrest, short-sleeved Plaid Shirt into the pants and Cap.

EMOJIS: this serves to all and each family can choose the one that most identifies with emoji.

Now just choose and get to work!