20 Marvelous Party Dresses of the Famous

The gala evening of amfAR São Paulo brought inspiring looks from celebrities to bridesmaids and guests. Check out the most beautiful party dresses the famous ones have worn

Yesterday night, 04/27, Instagram, Facebook and all the media bombarded with amfAR 2017 coverage, which happened at Casa Dinho Diniz.After all, the party had the most beautiful Brazilian celebrities who paraded wonderful looks.But do you know what amfAR is and why so many artists attended the party?


AmfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) is an international NGO that fights AIDS worldwide, earmarking resources for research into the cure and treatment of the disease.This year she has completed 25 years of work.The amfAR gala party, which brings together national and international celebrities, usually happens in the US and this year had a passage through São Paulo as well.On occasion, an auction takes place and celebrities contribute by buying the pieces.The money is allotted to the NGO and used in research.

Celebrity Looks

We were attentive to amfAR’s Red Carpet and we selected for you the 20 most inspirational looks for bridesmaids and guests .Check it!

1. Marina Ruy Barbosa

Dress Patricia Bonaldi, jewelry Bruno Gioia and beauty Ale de Souza.

2. Sabrina Sato

Helo Rocha dress, Ara Vartanian jewelry and beauty Rodrigo Costa.

3. Raiza Marinari

Dress Romona Keveza, jewelry Adriana Scarpelli and beauty Henrique Mello.

4. Patricia Bonaldi

Patricia Bonaldi dress and Maria Dolores jewelry.

6. Julia Faria

Patricia Bonaldi Dress, Nita Hair Jewelry, Marcos Proença Hair and Make Nádia Tambasco.

7. Carol Ribeiro

Dress Fabiana Milazzo, jewelry Isalem and beauty Rodrigo Gomes.

8. Helena Bordon

Dolce & Gabbana dress, Dryzun jewelry, Marcos Proença hair and Make Nádia Tambasco.

9. Lala Rudge

Valentino dress, Tiffany jewelry, Hair Marcos Proença and Make Nádia Tambasco.

10. Lu Tranchesi

Dress Valentino and jewelry Ana Palenga.

11. Deborah Nascimento

Dress Fabiana Milazzo.

12. Luiza Brunet

Lelis Blanc dress, Adriana Scarpelli jewelry and beauty Andre Veloso and Rapha Venerucci.

13. Carol Jannini

Patricia Bonaldi dress, Maisa Clermann jewelry, Sandro Dessou hair and Make Ivone Rais.

14. Layla Monteiro

Patricia Bonaldi dress, Ana Maria Castro jewelry, João Bosco hair and Make Allan Jhonnes.

15. Fabiana Justus

Dress Fabiana Milazzo, Hair Sandro Dessou and Make Ivone Rais.

16. Juliana Paes

Lelis Blanc dress, Andrea Conti jewelry and beauty Ale de Souza.

17. Mariana Saad

Patricia Bonaldi dress.

18. Isabella Kulikovski

Dress Fabiana Milazzo.

19. Black Gil

20. Isabella Narchi

Isabella Narchi dress, beauty Evaldo Ribeiro.

We go through classic looks, bold and innovative. What is your favorite?

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