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How to Take Measures for Bra

Today, Juliette shows you how to take his measurements, in this new topic: sewing Tips!

Buy some clothes, and even underwear on the Web, it’s cool to have fun without leaving home. Yes but this is: you don’t know necessarily very well your size, especially since it can vary from one brand to another…

To choose your clothes and your Bras, I now offers you this little video, the first Sewing Tips, that show you how and where to measure yourself in order to get your measurements! All will you need for the underwear as for jeans and pants, be they high, medium or low – but also for the length of legs, because some brands will offer you several.

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Lexicon of Fashion

To navigate among all cuts of clothes, Juliette today Unveils you the third part of his great lexicon of fashion, about skirts!

Memo: this glossary brings together types of clothes, accessories and clothing styles to be dealing with the bend of a shopping session or
reading a fashion article. The list is not exhaustive, and each item has own shades! The definitions are here to help and guide, but can also find variations according to the specialists.

Navigate through the clothes when you know not much, it can quickly be a monumental headache. There are so many technical terms that even the most aguerri•e•s do not necessarily speak them all!

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How to Dress in Style in Winter

Juliette give tips to get dressed with style this winter, without having to get pneumonia.

Even if it is still gentle enough on the whole of the territory (Hey me it’s Sébastien Folin), we can still say we won’t be back little by little in the winter soon. And when it gets really cold, one of the large galleys if you love clothes, is to find the way to dress with style without get sick and end up with frozen toes!

Today, I put on my suit of Superredacmode and I get in my FringueMobile (pre-ordering paused, push you nerds) to provide some tips so that you can wear cool and full of panache, looks even when the thermometer will be close to 0 ° C.

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How to Wear a Cape in Winter

The cape is one of the lights of the season clothes autumn/winter 2014-2015, but it does not necessarily very warm… Juliette shows you how to wear it without running the risk of catching a cold!

A few months ago, I presented on video back very fashionable clothing: the cape!

See also: How to wear the cape?-advice mode in video

Since the fall, she is one of the coats the most popular, and made his big comeback after a few seasons of absence.

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How to Wear Oversized Vest

It’s fall, it is same (crazy!) winter soon, so any normal person and not having the chance to be fitted with a combination of full hair seeks to warm up. To do this, we can of course take the problem bluntly and fall for a wig vest, or even a jacket, so much more… so much more Bertrand of the Star Academy 7! But the alternative we offer fashion this season is the maxi-gilet. Oversized. It is big, it is hot, it is comfortable and it will become your best friend cover the 3kg since the chocolate fair. Isn’t that great?

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How to Wear the Oversized Coat

This season, the oversize coat is back in the cupboards of fall. Here are a few tips to adopt this Lighthouse piece but not always easy to wear!

This year, it is once again the (oversized) oversize coat that is in the spotlight. Oversize, means that it is very large or very long: the size is not arched and the shoulders are often rounded, giving the effect of a cocoon coat.

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How to Dress for the Season

Each season, it’s always the same boat, and we don’t know how to dress. Here is a practical guide to help you choose your clothes in the morning during the fall of 2016!

Yourself you know, the arrival of autumn and spring announces the same old story: the galley to get dressed in the morning.

Well Yes, until it’s time to bring out the warm jackets to not get pneumonia, you’re going to spend a lot of time in front of your closet or your Dresser and wonder what you’re fine power upgrade without having to freeze the loaves or conversely have too hot while the mercury is not so low that it.

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Top Trends for Spring 2016

Top-slice will be one of the essential parts of spring 2016. To adopt it now, Juliette offers you three look that sublimate him.

Last week, I told you about the tops cut-out, which will be real essential the graphical trend spring 2016. After have made you a selection of different models, I’m now offering 3 looks with which you can wear them, you have to choose them in body, short or long version.

In this article, you’ll find no not my injury and my weaknesses (the ones I confess that hint), but three selections shopping offering you as many different looks to adopt your tops for cuts, according to their style! Continue reading

What to Wear During a Heatwave

By these 40 degrees in the shade, there are clothes and accessories to banish. Elise records a few in case you’d be tente•e…

Wear loose clothing, combi-shorts or dresses, clear colors black… Basically, you already know how dress you when it’s 38 degrees. As I don’t have nothing to teach you, here is rather what I you recommend to wear under this solail of the tropics.

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Valentine’s Day Outfits Ideas

Soon the 14 February, day of Saint Valentine’s day and day for all lovers. For the occasion, a slew of hearts invades the fashion section. Pink love, red enthusiast or black charmer, the valentines are in the spotlight! Mouhaaa, it’s beautiful the turquoise… Here are three outfits for Valentine.

Held for the Valentine n ° 1: love Valentine

Casual fun look looking mischievous girl for carefree adventure… Here we play romantic teenagers for this Valentine outfit: boots well planted in the bitumen but hearts full head and a mouth to eat.

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