Blue Jeans Fashion

Blue is the color that greets the bright time. The classic dark blue is perfect along with the season’s more mottled patterns and prints. The well-fitting jeans are a must have in your wardrobe. The blue jeans are versatile to pair any flat shoes and high heels.

T-shirt, up to size xxl, 299 USD + shipping, Juna Rose
Belt, up to size 26-28, ca. 78 USD + shipping, ASOS Curve
Dress up to size 22, about 795 USD + shipping, Booth
Necklace, ca. 260 USD + shipping, Booth jacket up to size XL 699.95 + shipping, Zizzi Tunic, up to size 22, approx. 320 USD + shipping, Booth Jeans up to size 54, 699.95 + shipping, Zizzi
Dress up to size 22, about 180 USD + shipping, Dorothy Perkins
Skirt, up to size 32, approximately 225 USD + shipping, Evans.

How to Choose Suitable Jeans Match Flat Shoes or High Heels

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