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Curvy Women Plus Size Model

We enjoy showing you our outfits, new purchases, good tricks and everything else that helps you to get the best out of your shape – and not least to show the rest of the world that great style can be found in all sizes. That is why we have been looking photo album for the year that has passed through and found our favorites above. We have your favorite picture with? If not, then post a link to your favorite image in the comment field below! Continue reading

Maternity Costumes Review

Elegant and comfortable with the belly of the sea: tips and suggestions to choose the most suitable costumes.

If costume itself is a garment that often undermines even those who have a perfect body, let alone such reactions can trigger in a woman weighed down by a pregnancy. It may be true that during the fateful nine months you become more beautiful, but it is equally undeniable that some flaws inevitably come to light, even for the most fit women. Not only for the bulky belly, but also for the breast that leavens exponentially in the majority of pregnant. Not to mention the hips widen and legs that swell.

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Dye My Eyebrows and Eyelashes

I have dyed my eyebrows so long that I can’t remember when I started. But we are talking at least in the neighborhood of 20 years.

But I can well remember why I started. My eyebrows are by nature very bright, and at one point I was tired of looking at my pale in the pale face, especially when I had no makeup on. Continue reading

Dressing up for Christmas Styling Ideas

Red is and will be one of my favorite colors. So I was very excited when I saw this dress at H & M +. It is also available in black, but I was never in any doubt that it was the red, that had to with me home.

I had the dress on when I made my annual Christmas lunch, and it was for me a golden opportunity to go all in on my favorite color.

dress up to size 4XL, 249 USD + shipping, H & M +
I am a size 48/50, and I bought the dress in size 3XL. Continue reading

Japanese Decor: How to Organize the Kitchen

Furnish a kitchen Japanese style is not as complicated as it seems, given the many tips that we decided to offer you. If your dream is to revive the East in the home, you’ll have no choice but to follow it and make it happen.

Your kitchen will be sober and full of tradition: important elements to give the place a unique and timeless.

When it comes to food in Japanese style you have to worry first and foremost of the table, which must be low and with a perimeter of mats and cushions.

To make it happen, take a small table for the living room and put around the cushions, perhaps by buying someone with the prints typical of Japan; only then finally able to re-create the desired environment.

Of course, not everyone likes to have lunch or dinner sitting on the ground, given the fact that this feature is in the classic Japanese style, you can opt for small stools made of light wood or dark, but they go very well the rattan armchairs and chairs jute.

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