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Spring/Summer Print Trend Report

This season blooms ripe. The PCB comes in many flavors and color palettes, so there are enough to choose from.

Remember …
Bright print with large flowers attracts attention, while dark prints with small flowers are less eye-catching.

1a Uppers, up to size XXL, 449 kr, Violeta by Mango

1b Soft trousers, up to size XXL, 499 DKK, Violeta city Mango Continue reading

Spring Summer Denim Trends

in the form of jeans Denim and classic cowboy jackets are iconic denim classics that never go out of fashion. This year will be denim seriously used for much else than the classic styles.

Use shirts to denim on denim, along with jeans, where you easily can mix the different colors on the length and breadth of a personal expression. Or renew your wardrobe with the item that can be your new denim favorite. Continue reading

All White Outfit for Plus Size Ladies

That White is a color as thick to keep well away from, is very high on my list of nonsense about what thick can and can’t do in relation to attire – for we can go into exactly what we want. So also white.

Might have gotten a bad reputation with the color of the set in the fact that bright color attracts attention and highlights. Two things that many do not think goes in hand with thick women, which on the basis of prejudices just prefer to save their bodies and fall in with the crowd. Continue reading

Horizontal Stripes for Plus Size

Yes, I know it well. It is not the first time, it will be said here on Curves Ahead that horizontal stripes are also good for thick women.

But I like to use every opportunity to dispel the myths about what fat people can and cannot clothe itself. And as horizontal sailor stripes are one of spring and summer’s big trends, there are fortunately still a reason to say it loud and clear: Continue reading

Indie Jackets and Coats

Indejakke. I have always thought this is such a strange word for jackets is when something one user out. But despite the silly name, I still fall for the concept.

It is due not least to the fact that indejakken can be used year round. During the winter months is a good alternative to casual cardigan and the fine blazer. And spring and autumn can be used as outerwear. Continue reading

Cotton Thermal Underwear Ladies

The cold weather has really bitten stuck, and it’s time for an extra layer of clothing to keep warm

Here you get lovely vests in natural materials with added a bit of stretch, so your body can both breath and move in a pleasant way.

1 Long model – good slips, also available in black, up to size 60, 149 USD + shipping, Ellös plus collection (49% 49% viscose, cotton and 2% elastane) Continue reading

Positive Saying About Plus Size Models

My general attitude to life is that the glass is half full. Always. The glass is half full is for me equal to that I am still able to act and take a choice. I even can choose and thus affecting my life. There are enough people on my way who do not necessarily want me the best and with that in mind, there is no reason why I even put further obstacles on my way. Continue reading