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How to Sleep in a Sleeping Bag

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Even in summer, Iceland is a cold country. On our trip we stayed below zero! It is therefore important to equip. The down must be the material in which you must put the priority compared to the tent, the stove or air mattress. For maximum benefit, it is important to sleep well and rest well. We deliver you our tips for choosing your sleeping bag, sleep well in it and also maintain and store!

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How to Sharpen Fishing Hooks

Control and sharpen the hooks from lures is a healthy activity for our long winter evenings.

To find out if a hook needs to be sharpened, he made the test of the nail. Pointing down, it is applied without forcing on the nail of the thumb. If it goes bad scratching the nail, it is that it does not sting enough and needs a slight touch-up. If it slips without scratching it is that she’s very blunt and calls for a complete sharpening. A very spicy tip hangs the nail and sinks are without slipping.

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How to Wear Wrap Dress

Timeless and ultra-feminine, it also suits all body types. On the door like winter and accessorize according to current trends. Manual.

Easy to put on, like a shirt, it closes on itself through a belt integrated fabric in the dress, which is tied at the waist, forming a knot. It is low-cut V-waisted and flares. Even if the size of fluctuation, it follows us in crossing or uncrossing at will.

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How to Wear Sports Leggings

Aaaah… the leggings… Not always easy to wear this garment in style! Too late for pants. Too thick to be a sticky. The legging is nevertheless a part of the basic wardrobe: this piece is simply indispensable in the wardrobe of any fashionista. But how to wear leggings? Which high, what shoes?

Here are some tips that will help you to wear sports leggings dressed or casual, but always with class. You will discover in this article outfits ideas, illustrated by photos: ideal for creating you cool looks!

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The Best Lights for Bicycles

The modern rider must equip their bicycle with all the options, or at least those essential, just as it would for a car. Among these, one of which it can not do without is the light. Essential when traveling at night, both in town and out, we can not do without this essential tool to report our presence on the roadway to avoid such unpleasant surprises. But how to choose the right light for our bike?

Essentially you can divide the field between the lights for city bikes and those for mountain biking. These two categories differ for light emission, operating time, weight and expense. The lights of mountain bikes are usually more powerful as they need to illuminate a wider range of road in front of the bike because they must also show any obstacles that you can hardly find a paved road. The lights of the city bikes are less powerful because they essentially serve to indicate the presence of the bike, but it should not blind the drivers. In this second case are the most important factors as side visibility and weight. Of course, the lights of a city bikes are cheaper than those of a mountain bike. Continue reading

How to Wear the Jacket

Ah … the jacket! A topic you have asked me by email, in your posts and comments … a topic I can not push even if I’d never bring up the subject of the jacket I’ll be direct, there are more stylish and feminine in terms of coats that jacket. But to your heart, I understood, because you have the distinct impression not to leave your cozy duvet so when it is very cold outside. There are some style tips to choose his jacket and wear well, you know all about the famous jacket after reading this article!

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LG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch

The LG Watch Urbane commitment to luxury and premium look but still betting on the potential of Android Wear

LG just released a few hours ago its new commitment in the field of smart watches and we have surprised everyone with their LG Watch Urbane . With a background of two generations in this new technological category, it seems that the time has come to go for luxury and premium look , so we know what we know so far of the new LG.

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Withings Activité Pop Smart Watch

The Activité Pop is a smartwatch quantifier with all the best design Withings but at an affordable price

Longtime we follow closely in the footsteps of Withings and its “pseudo-smartwatch” Activité, because although certainly can not properly be considered a smart watch because they lack certain essential elements such as a screen, an OS or applications, its fantastic and elegant design, coupled with its functions to monitor our physical activity and sleep, well you deserve the right to be among our smartwatch.

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How to Repair a Wall Clock

Clocks and wall clocks can add a decorative finish to a room. Wall clocks come in a variety of forms-some have a pendulum, some have an inner pendulum of the clock, and others have a cuckoo that springs from the inside of the clock every hour. Some wall clocks have no clock or cuckoo, but have a scene or a saying printed on the face of the clock.Your wall clock setting depends on what is wrong with it.

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How to Choose Your Helmet to Your Bicycle

Password? Helmet! This is the motto of security, for all cycling enthusiasts. Although, nowadays, it is not uncommon to see cyclists without head protection around our roads, every true amateur cyclist, knows that you should never underestimate the risks arising from a possible fall and non-use of helmets. Continue reading