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HIP, HIP HOORAY! Today filling Curves Ahead a year

it is rare, I get tongue tied and not really have the word of my power. When it happens, it’s usually because I’m either very angry or very happy in combination with touched.

when I sit here and can’t really get the words to slide, it is of course the last. I’m møghamrende pleased that Curves Ahead today to celebrate a birthday. I am møghamrende proud that Denmark’s first fashion magazine for thick ladies was a success, that makes a difference for our readers, quite as we had hoped and dreamed of, when Kristine and I made us the first thoughts about Curves Ahead back in the autumn of 2013.

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Greatest hits: Find your body type – and suit up for the

sometimes it – when you look at the tøjudvalget – look as if plus size-women’s bodies are quite similar. In any event, it is much the same tøjsilhuetter, which will be created – regardless of the brand, which stands in the neck. But to know your body type is one of the most important things for a successful look. So if you need to start with one thing, when you decide to throw the tent, it is to find out which body type you have – and thus also which silhouettes that clothes you best.

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Greatest hits: Kristines Favorites

If there’s one thing we can look at your click, is it that you love to see what Momme and I have on. It was therefore not surprising that in with when I read during my summer holiday initiates you into what items in your wardrobe, which is my ultimate favorites. From leather purse that have followed me through thick and thin for 8 years and the boots that fit my plus size-add to the black blazer that saves any look. And we receive regularly mails, where in asking for the panties or nylon stockings, I showed in my favoritsag for eventually a long time ago.

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Don’t forget yourself in Christmas rush: Estimates at the last minute

Do you have a little forgotten yourself while you worked, gotten a handle on most of the Christmas gifts and filled the refrigerator to Christmas events?

here you get four tips for quick purchases that make you both beauty and delicious over Christmas. Most can be purchased there, where you still get past in connection with the last Christmas shopping.

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Avoid cheap impulse purchases will be an expensive pleasure

This article will be opened with a little math.

but don’t worry. It is of the simple sort that can be solved with a little simple mental arithmetic.

I would like to introduce you to the concept, which in English is called cost per wear.

Cost per wear gives you a clue as to how much your clothes cost in proportion to how many times you have clothes on. When you look at your tøjkøb in this way, it can easily prove that an expensive purchase that you use very much, in the end will be a much better investment than a cheap buy, as you are only using a single time or two.

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Melissa McCarthy: A great success in Hollywood

Melissa McCarthy is the evidence that it may well be possible to succeed in Hollywood, even if you are a lady who does not live up to the ideals of a classic film city’s standard protagonist. She was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actress in the role of Megan in her breakthrough film bridesmaids from 2011 and that same year won a coveted Emmy Award for her role as Molly in the sitcom Mike & Molly.

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A jacket with V-neck line, thank you!

Pullovers with V-cut is perfect for thick women, since the cut creates the illusion of a longer neck. At the same time “opens” the cylinders the upper body and causes it to look less square off, which is really good for ladies with a big bust.

yet there are few and far between winter sweaters with v-necks in stores, where the classic round neck remains found on the vast majority of parts.

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3 timeless basiskøb You can mix with the season’s trends

with few solid base items in your wardrobe, you have the timeless Foundation that you year after year can mix with seasonal changing trends.

neutral garments at the same time has the advantage that it with various accessories can be styled, so that they can be used for everyday and party.

here you will get the three pieces of clothing, I always have in my wardrobe. It is at the same time, the clothes, which saves me on days when I need to quickly out the door and tøjkrisen threatening.

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A good investment: The jacket you can use year round

A good investment compared to the clothes, they are items that are so useful that you can use them again and again in different contexts.

Here is the little jacket is a fine piece of clothes, because you can use it all year round.

Use the jacket now on the cool summer evenings and as outerwear in the early fall and spring. At the same time, you can use it as an alternative to the classic cardigan as indejakke when winter sets in.

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Shirt dress:When it must be dress and casual

It is no secret that I am fond of dresses. For the dress is crafted in a piece of clothing and uppers, so I will avoid having to use to to match top and bottom.

When it should be dress without being too fine, I take a shirt dress out of the closet. Whether the dress is buttoned or only has buttons in the upper part, it is precisely the element that gives the dress shirt, the relaxed look.

Many shirt dresses are characterized by the fact that they just go straight up and down without incisions. It helps to make the dress comfortable and perfect for hot days, where it is nice to be cooled down with a little sus in crazy terns.

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