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Costa Rica: Here are rich forms the ideal

Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo: It is almost evening. The sun hangs low and Golden heavy over my small, Caribbean beach town. I’m sitting in the shade with an iced coffee and have a view of the main street. The first thing I notice is her colorful dress. It is red as blood with a green pattern. It is made of a shiny fabric, and it sits, as it must: Tighten the right places and end up in a pur of a brittle.

taxi drivers hanging on the street corner, when they’re not running the trip, has also noticed her. The dishes it up in a synchronous motion and smiles big.

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Fashion week: carmakoma’s spring is feminine and shows the figure

Saturday afternoon presented the Danish carmakoma his spring-summer collection by 2015 by a ‘ democratic fashion show ‘ – in an open street in the heart of Copenhagen, so everyone could see with both passers-by, neighbors (who actually hung out the Windows) and of course all invited.

There was the hefty rock music with attitude – exactly like the models that showed both kinds, thighs and tattoos. There was a ‘ devil may care’-mood of the show and collection. Here are all allowed. Maybe it was also for this reason, there were many directions in the collection; from lovely broderie anglaise-items and flowers for metallic hotpants as short as panties, from comely tweed and innocent nude for sharp shoulders and plenty of firser details. In other words, carmakoma’s spring offers something for everyone.

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Exercise: use the right sportswear instead of loose robes

five years ago I began to exercise more or less regularly. It was a great effort and a great upheaval, not least because, I had always seen myself as such, there is no such something with sports mettle.

one of the truly great hurdles in the beginning was to find out what clothes, I had to take exercise in. Until then, i was in my previous failed trials udi exercise just pulled in a few joggingbukser, which I also used cotton as “nice pants” and an old, loose t-shirt.

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VRS Jackie will provide you quality clothes to low prices

Next time you go in the grocery store, you’ll come across tagged VRS Jackie, if you look past the clothing Department. Do you know already Our plus-brand Jackie, you can take it quite calmly. VRS Jackie is the same as Jackie. Mark has just got a new name in connection with the fact that Our other brands, Milla to younger women and Paprika to the more mature, has changed its name to respectively VRS Fashion and VRS Style.

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Are you afraid of fashion?

One of the comments I usually get on my blog is: ‘ you are so brave, that you dare go to dressed, how do I get your confidence? ‘ I think not that I am particularly brave. I do not think it is brave to get up in the morning and take nice clothes on.

I think it’s my right as a woman. And I really wish that all women would feel beautiful and comfortable in their clothes, and not least in their body. For surely it is basically what it’s about. That you can not feel completely comfortable in his clothes – in fashion — before you feel comfortable in his body …

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Thick women in t-shirts – thoughts from a beach holiday

As you can see I take it with style very relaxed when I’m on beach holiday. It is, after all, just about relaxing heeelt of. And it would be hard if I was focused all the time on my body size.

I am almost just returned from a much needed week on a sun bed in Thailand. I get me never really to it that with the package itself out of a winter coat and jump directly into the bathing suit – but where it is wonderful when you finally is there, wearing factor 55 and a crossword puzzle. Some of it, I came to mind – and look at-is where different female bodies take it out. And how differently we women wear ourselves.

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Look to your body with friendly eyes

on the way to bed the other night, I had something of droll experience.

I stood in panties and BRA and brushed teeth, when I looked at myself in the mirror. It was damn I thought, for it looked quite out as if my body had been less. And it was strange considering the fact that I neither have been dieting, or changed your lifestyle in a way that may affect my weight.

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Camilla’s revelation: Jersey vs. solid material was for boats and

sorry if this article is a bit disjointed. But I sit and write very spontaneously on a mixture of personal enthusiasm (as you can in no way need to share) and disbelief. For I just on several plans got me something of a revelation.

it all takes its beginnings at the most recent editorial meeting, where Kristine and I planned article jersey vs. solid. The idea takes its point of departure in the following:

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