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Summer outerwear: The fine, the classic, the practical + the alternative

Even though the calendar says summer, it is still nice to have a little lightweight outerwear for the ride in the morning or to keep cool at a safe distance when the warm summer nights rarely is so warm, as we had hoped.

here you get 8 bids on outerwear, which can keep you comfortably warm during the summer months.

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Ready for the heat: Buy the soft Summer pants now!

For old readers, it is no secret that I’m crazy about it, in my family we call the soft Pant

For orientation for new readers is a soft trousers are a pair of pants in soft material with elastic in the waist. In short, a pair of trousers that are comfortable to wear, because it does not tighten. At the same time, it is nevertheless a pants that are not quite as relaxed as a few traditional jogging pants.

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