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Xiaomi M2A Arrives to Conquer The Mid-Range

The Chinese manufacturer just of officially present its M2A Xiaomi, a terminal whose appearance had been rumored for months and that it is a version for its successful Xiaomi Phone 2 (Mi2).

This smartphone will cost 1,499 yuan in China (185 euros) and will replace Xiaomi M1S that already began to be somewhat obsolete. The new device intended to cover the middle range of the manufacturer has a 4.5-inch IPS display, resolution 1280 x 720 pixels and 326 pixels per inch of density, but there are still more. Continue reading

Comes The M2S, New Vessel Xiaomi Logo from This Manufacturer

Xiaomi has met expectations and has presented an updated version of its most powerful smartphone: the Xiaomi M2S It will come in two versions, and in both cases will have a few smartphones vying in power with the latest giants such as Samsung, HTC or Sony devices.

The Xiaomi M2S will replace the successful Mi2 as flagship of the company, and we have at our disposal the model of 16 GB capacity for 1,999 yuan (247 euros) and 32 GB by 2,299 yuan (284 euros) model. In addition to the capacity, both models will be differentiated in the integrated rear camera. Continue reading

Nine warm sweaters There is good for the big bosom

Although not seriously have been winter, it’s still been so cool that it is nice to creep in a snug sweater. It’s tempting to choose a sweater with Turtleneck, but it will never be the Jersey that is most flattering for plus women who often have a large bosom. It is because the drop-down collar hides your neck, and thus makes you look lower. It also helps that the upper part of your body is going to look like a large box that goes out in a with your head.

Continue reading

Again Rumors on The M4, a Kind of HTC HTC First without Facebook Home

When there was still the One HTC as HTC M7 there were rumors about the development of two more of this manufacturer, the M4 and the G2 phones. It might seem that the newly presented First HTC would have discarded those theoretical shoots, but at least one of them seems to be well on track.

Thus indicate it rumors that point to that upcoming release of the HTC M4, a mid-range to smartphone shares enough characteristics of the First HTC with Facebook Home but that he ignored that layer software and also integrates a very striking feature: the camera with Ultrapixel technology. Continue reading

HTC First, The Information of The First Android Facebook Series Home

Facebook along with its new application called Android Launcher Facebook Home announced along with Taiwanese manufacturer HTC and the American operator AT & T the first smartphone that will take it series.

HTC First It is, as it was rumored in recent days, the first ‘Facebook Phone’ which will be released with Facebook Home series. In the United States will be exclusive to the American operator AT & T and for Europe and rest of the world, there is still little information. Continue reading

Three wide belts and link two plus-belts

in the wake of our guide to leggings (opens in new window) will be sought after wide belts. You get three bids on them here.
At the bottom of the article you’ll get links to belts in General.

Fixed belt with Snap Fastener, approximately 114 100, ASOS

Tie belt, 99 USD + evt. freight, carmakoma
Also available in Brown

Elastic belt, ca. 40 USD + shipping, Inspire New Look


Belts at ASOS



Belts at Inspire New Look at Evans

I-Call 300, All on The New I-Joy Android

i-Joy today unveils a new terminal for low range at a very attractive price. On this occasion we are speaking of the i-Call 300, a dual SIM handset with a 3.5 “screen that is sure is a delight for those who only want a smartphone for messaging style WhatsApp. Free price, 99 Euro.

i-Call 300, technical specifications

The Terminal i-Call 300 features a 3.5 inch capacitive TFT display (resolution 320 x 480 pixels), sure seems tiny beside current high-end terminal but has its market, especially who frighten great phones that both thrive in these times. Continue reading