Keep the heat in the cold: Camilla’s favorite undershirt

I went through many years of my life as a great hate of undershirts. I thought it was a piece of silly clothing, perhaps because the practical vests in white cotton, I was dressed as a child, just don’t appeal to me, because it wasn’t the track other than practical.

But I have over the years become more sensitive to cold, so today it is a big hit with an undershirt that can keep me warm in the winter season.

My absolute favorite is this Jersey by Mbym. The deep cut makes it not peeping forth in the neckline, and because it is so long, it is great to have on under a dress or a skirt, because it also reaches down and heater stand.

I’m so glad the shirt that I my collection over the years have come up on five

And because Mbym make clothes in traditional sizes it is so close to my body, to the not bulges under clothes. Although it sits tight, it is still pleasant to wear, as it is made of a lightweight and breathable material called micro modal, that feels very comfortable against the skin. The Jersey is comprised, in addition to the 5 percent elastane so the give themselves.

I’m a size 48, and there is still a stretch back when I have my size XL at.

Jersey, up to size XL, 149.75 by the purchase of two paragraphs, Mbym at Stylepit

Generally can I like best, to my undertrøjer sits to but at the same time also is a bit of elastic, so they are comfortable to wear. That is why I always look for vests with spandex or lycra.

at the same time is wool a fluffy material, because the fibers are loose. Therefore recorder wool your body heat and keeps at it, which helps to keep you warm.

When the cotton plant’s fibers are spun into threads that become substance, attaches the threads themselves quite close up to each other. Therefore, the cotton is not in the same way record and retain your body heat.

Synthetic material cannot absorb water in the same way as wool. Therefore, the water that your body gives off, put it on the inside of the material, which will cause your body to feel


Micro modial
Micro modial, which is made of wood fibres, absorbs up to 50 percent more water than cotton.

is now considering whether it is time to buy my first uldundertrøje. It is a garment, or as I have perceived as very mormoragtig … but on thought, I am more than ready to make up with. I have look on this here:

Uldundertrøje up to size 50, 199 DKK + shipping, Truimph with Magazine

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