Hygiene and Care of the Pillows

They pillows are an important element in the daily rest and often tend to pay little attention to their care. We tend to think that by wearing a protective sleeve, it is all done, but not so. At Gauus we want to help you in the hygiene and care of your pillows with these simple tips:

-You must protect the pillow with a cotton cover, this will help to keep it clean from stains and not need to wash it so often. It should be several cases to change them, since these have to wash them frequently.

-It is important to shake the pillows with lots of energy, to prevent dust from collecting. Vacuum whenever we make the change of covers, it is also necessary, as well as airing the pillows every day.

Necessaryhome recommend washing the pillow once a month, and covers once a week. When washing them must take into account the type of material from which our pillowis made: if they are feather must be in the program for wool detergent and fabric softener, wash and dry them in the dryer. However, if they are woven synthetic should be flush with the special programme for this type of fabrics, with warm water and dry them in the Sun.

-Also, before supporting the head hit your pillow from all its sides inward thus achieve a greater volume of fibers and a better rest.

All these Tips are applicable to the care of any cushion or pad, as well as the care and hygiene of the mattresses and pillowcases. Pillows have a duration of about two years and last this time is advisable to replace them, at Gauus we provide you with a wide variety of pillows to help you get more rest and care at home.

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