It Looks Stylish the ‘Denim Maternity’

From adjusting the Cowboys always with a rubber band to choose the best ‘jean’ after the second quarter.

‘ Look ‘: Maternity denim of Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr and Penélope Cruz, with skinny fit, ankle boots with heel, American or gabardine in dark sunglasses and statement bag.

Finding the perfect jeans can be an Odyssey. For most, however, is worth: cowboy is a nearly insurmountable, ideal for those moments of ‘ I don’t know who put me’, and flexible enough to work with a casual, urban or formal look . Also, if we find correct the size and the shape, you can feel better than any other pants cupboard. Hence, to get pregnancy, try to stretch them as much as possible, to later change to denim maternity.

‘ Look ‘: Cotton t-shirt + cowboy skinny or bootcut. Penélope Cruz-style, with long sleeve tops from the Rolling Stones and leather jacket, Sienna Miller, with striped Jersey & jacket knotted under the Chin, and Selma Blair, also with stripes and chain bag

It is difficult to separate from our favorite jeans even if it’s only for a few months, so it is never more to master the technique of the maternity jeans from before even that deal with the first couple. One of the golden rules is to understand the way that it is stitched to waistband, which is an elastic panel set to the sides, keeping intact the zipper and button, or incorporating a broad band of nylon, thicker, which can bend below the tummy, or stretch to cover it. Although these pieces of fabric usually come in a color according to the pants (for example in black or blue very dark), sometimes it is preferable to have at least one model in nude, more discreet if we take a short top or a cotton t-shirt. The third option, especially during the first few months, are the belly bands, a detachable point elastic bands can be adjusted to the waist of our trousers, to expand the circumference of the pants and allowing us to bring our favorite jeans until they begin to swell the hips.

‘ Look ‘: Stella McCartney dominates the range of neutrals, in gray, camel Brown or cream, combined with boyfriend jeans maternity

In the maternity jeans the proportions also send: an adjusted cowboy asks a looser, like a pullover maternity, a t-shirt or a poncho top , while an elastic shirt, for example, work best with a wider leg pants. The skinny fit remains one of the best-selling, maternity jeans especially in the first and second quarter, leg starts to feel more swollen: then is when it is preferable to move on to the boyfriend jean or a bootcut leg straight.

‘ Look ‘: Ethnic or geometric stamping on garments that play to the dismissal, as the maxibufanda of Olivia Wilde or Mónica Cruz jacket

Talking about basic, when building a closet denim maternity clothes in neutral colors such as white or black as well as a range of beige and grey, as well as the tops of striped or with any print, for a twist not miss rock. Prints, ethnic or geometric, also function, in this case to distract or hide curves, especially in handkerchiefs and scarves, coats and jackets open or style Empire.

COPY THE ‘LOOK’: Gwen Stefani takes a turn to the cowboy maternity, by combining it with bright colors or betting on the Huntress rather than pants

As for colors: all options are possible. The neutral, as that designer dominated during their pregnancy Stella McCartney, allow exercise of hinge in the Cabinet, from the conventional garment to the maternity combining both, making one and another more wearable during the nine months of gestation, and even later, in the process of recovering the figure. The jeans combined with bright colors also work: Gwen Stefani did on more than one occasion, combining his jeans with a dress maternity or a coat in yellow color. Giro: give the switch of the woven denim of pants of the Huntress.

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