Sunday Loafers

We continue to acquire Sunday for shoes. This week it’s loaferns tour. A in many ways missförtstådd shoe model. What many see as a shoe for wood shop class, the teacher is in the correct design ideal for both a casual suit as worn jeans.

Tasselloafer Brooks Brothers
No shoe model is so misunderstood as tasselloafern. A successful tasselloafer hangs on plösens length and shoe’s width. A short tongue covering a small part of the foot, along with a broad model a clumsy impression. A slim model, with solid tongue and, above all, a narrow sole gives tasselloafern the desirable slim shape.

Tasselloafer of them Italian school.

Crockett & Jones Merton
Even the conventional pennyloafern is largely due to the plösens length. A high tongue which covers the greater part of the foot is often preferred to give a slightly sleeker look. Crockett & Jones is as usual with the notes.

New & Lingwood
Yet another British manufacturers who know how a mockaloafer .

Sutor Mantellassi
We have previously referred to Mantellassis of small works of art Sutor shoes. Here a driving shoe with a tongue that brings to mind the golf course. Available to purchase, among other things, via Zipcodesexplorer.

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