The Best 2012: LINE, The Best Communication App

Xataka Android editors have decided to agree to decide the best applications of this year. Over the next few days we will be listing the best aplicacioness of each section, starting today with the category of instant messaging, a market that the last few days has moved much as well discussed in our latest articles.

The winner this year in this category has been appointed with almost total unanimity, and it has been neither more nor less than LINE, instant messaging that is breaking among a good portion of our contacts. He has been preferred by our editors, sweeping over the rest of alternatives that you want to do with the throne of instant messaging.

It is normal that LINE has enchanted us, as that is their main trump card: pleasing to the user. With its Brown stickers, Moon, Cony and James have a very nice and pleasant service to use making conversations much more fun and expressive. Do not forget that it is not just that, as it has in addition a very stable servers and the possibility of making calls VoIP with a good quality and without too much delay if you have a good connection.

Many of us, including myself, have long recommended this application among our contacts so they give them a chance, many of them quedandonse with the application, but we must understand that the battery consumption makes that many people may be reluctant to use it. However, there is not only a winner, but we have a finalist: WhatsApp

The application has been a finalist pos service simple and widely used, considered one of the most downloaded applications in Spain and one of the driving forces behind the sale of smartphones in the country. Over the next few days we will be announcing the winners of the other categories, which we hope are to your liking, but we also want to know which applications would have deserved this award. But one thing is clear, and the 2013 can give us many surprises.

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