The Fusion of Google Talk, Voice, Google + Messenger and Hangouts Ever Closer

Last summer Google announced that they would merge all its services messaging, voice and video calls on a product that would see the light during this year 2013, no concrete date, but it seems that its release might take place in the coming months.

Last night the developer François Beaufort published a screenshot of a version in development of Chrome OS to display new notifications, but also showed the icon of a messaging application from Google in which already States that it is its new Unified Messaging service, since many see in this design based on those conversations sandwiches the expected merger of Google Talk , Google Voice, Google + Messenger and Hangouts, although the icon could change in its final version.

New messaging service Google instantea would offer in the same application everything offered by separate applications of Google Talk, Google Voice, Google + Messenger and Hangouts, i.e. chat private (Google Talk), group (Google + Messenger) chat, share files, called (Google Voice) voip and video calls with up to several persons at the same time (Hangouts).

It is unknown when Google will perform the complete fusion, currently have just integrated the Hangouts and Google Voice calls with Google Talk in Gmail web version. Google could be working to rush to end soon with the merger and launch the new service together with your application before March 15, which is when Windows Live Messenger will shut down permanently and thus capture those users who do not want to migrate to Skype. Another possible release date would be from 15 to 17 May during the Google I/O 2013 together with the presentation of Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie).

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