Traditional Front Door Mats

The entrance mat is an indispensable complement to each landlord. Its usefulness is undeniable and is to allow people who are about to enter the house to clean the soles of their shoes, so as not to leave marks and stains on the floor.

Its practicality is directly related to two issues: the hygiene and the order of each dwelling. And obviously, any good host can not give up on one or other. While performs these important functions as specify the designers and furnishings experts, the mat also performs an aesthetic function and valuable communication, according to mysteryaround.

The doormat entrance hall, in fact, promises to be the dominant style interior environment; anticipates the tastes of the owner; It provides information on the type of furniture that will dominate the scene of the various rooms.


Following this line of reasoning, we could say, then, that one doormat of traditional entrance for sure will give access to housing furnished in traditional style.

One conventional doormat in the shape, the color, the raw material, has been selected and placed at the entrance of your home, by a master of the classical style lover home, simple but elegant lines and refined, the furniture of great quality and with a very high honor.

Following some of the traditional models that still serve as presenting tickets of homes decorated in a very classic and timeless style.

A mix of conventional materials characterizes the Model 90X60 Jago.

It is a doormat entrance hall with a non-slip rubber base, which adheres well to the floor and a short nap synthetic surface, which traps dust, dirt and moisture, keeping the shiny floor at home.

A rectangular pattern , a decent size: 90cm to 60 cm, available in many colors: red, gray, black and brown key.

An extremely practical complement, hand washable and durable. Minimum spending . A real bargain for all lovers of the genre: simple, practical and pleasant.

Material different but identical style, classic and elegant, mostly in Zerbino Cocco SUPER Home Textiles.

It is a carpet of rectangular form: 50 cm wide by 90 cm long (the most sold model; available in many other formats); made of natural coconut fiber; with non-slip rubber backing.

The surface is embellished with a double colored frame, light retro style. The nuances among which you can choose are: red, green, and brown. A massive model that weighs less than 7 kg. A Made in India, well executed.

A complement very durable compared to a minimal expense.

Entirely of rubber, with interesting ornamental patterns in relief, the Model EHC Half-moon.

It is a doormat made ​​from incoming plastic is very durable and easy to clean, black, wrought-iron effect. The surface of the carpet, in fact, is not full but dominated by ornamental figures, interspersed with empty spaces, which create the really intertwining aesthetically pleasing.

A doormat of 75 cm length by 45 cm wide. Perfect as a business card of furnished houses in Provencal style, with a strong passion for the decorations, inlays, ornaments. A rich and sumptuous style.

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