Yoga Training: Work Your Abdomen

Before showing you the asanas I selected to work the abdominal area, which is known in the world of fitness as the “core”; I recommend to do four repetitions of the training of yoga known as “greeting to the Sun”. You can remember them in the next post.

In addition, we cannot forget the breath during our practice. Each of the yoga positions that you can see below, I recommend to stay during four full breaths. These must be deep and have to activate our pelvic floor (contraction of year, genitalia and umbilicus), being this strong contraction when you exhale. In this way, we will be always keeping attention at the present time, and to move the abdomen with our breath, it will be very easy to feel the work in this area, both physical and energy. This last I mean that we can feel how our power is in the abdominal area (the first three chakras work) and how with breath we can mobilize it.

Training of yoga: Asanas in abdominal area

Finally, I believe that it is important to be clear that a asana is not only a position, is an attitude. We feel full, good, full, full of energy when we do it. We should not matter where we are able to come, if we do not keep the position desired, compare us to the other, etc. This subtracts us power and makes accumulate more tension.

As I said in the previous post, the change is in your hands,

Do you dare to try?

Peace and love,


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