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Sony: New Smartphone Models In June Or July?

Sony makes it exciting and confusing the press. For the 25th June, Sony Germany has invited to Munich to an event. What exactly happens there? No idea. The Japanese company asks on his invitation only “lust for more?” “And announces that it will time to take the next step. A week later Sony collects the French press in Paris. Here the invitation is even more interesting: Left is the narrow side of a smartphone to see and the text is a “big surprise” announced.What could happen? Continue reading

Festive Eye Make-Up With The Urban Decay Naked Palette

I once again took my beloved Urban Decay Naked Palette and made a festive eye make-up, which would surely make a good Christmas. In two days it is already time. Madness, how fast it always goes! I wanted golden accents on the eye and combined them with copper and brown tones. Because the focus should be on the eye makeup, I decided instead of festive, red lips for my favorite lipstick by Chanel. Continue reading

Swimsuits And Bikinis To Fatties: Templates And Tips To Choose The Right

If anyone still thinks the extra pounds are reason to leave to go to the beach or the pool, it’s time to let prejudices aside and change your mind. The plus size fashion has been investing in swimsuits and Bikinis for fatties who value the curves and leave the body pretty feminine. Continue reading

Women’s Cardigan with Pedrarias

Women’s Cardigan

Feminine Cardigan…. that’s something I thought I would watch it a few times here I changed completely opinion.. The feminine cardigan is the kind of piece perfectly usable in any season. In winter looks is great for creating overlays, already in the summer, the piece looks is light enough to protect that breeze of a late afternoon on the beach or a nice cold night … I always have one in my purse for emergencies and I’ve tried to use it as a tissue wrap (an easy alternative to create a point of color in the outfit) or tied at the waist for a more stripped! I find it useful, I find it easy to combine, anyway… I love it!! Continue reading

Christmas Nail Art Designs for Beginners

December has always been one of my favorite months and by far the only winter months that I love. Lit streets, shop windows arranged in red, windows proudly display colorful Christmas trees and nativity scenes from year to year are filled with new pastors; in short, to resist the magic of Christmas is almost impossible, and so here we are super busy with preparations for a special day.  Continue reading

Woven Blouses:Fashion Tips

Clothing says a lot of what we are and what we like. It marks our personality and style. Women love to feel beautiful and bet much on the image and in the clothes they wear.
The blouses are a play Joker in the female wardrobe. There are various kinds of blouse and several textures of fabrics. Must know combine each shirt with the right part. Although it seems a simple task, most women tend to be indecisive about what to wear and how to use the blouses. Continue reading

5 Headphones To Make The Most Of Your TV

Nothing more annoying that being annoyed by the noise when looking at his series or his film favorite at home, quietly sitting (e) in front of his television. Fortunately, TV headsets are a solution to this kind of problem because offering listening comfort coupled with a very good sound reproduction. Let’s see in detail five helmets studied for television. Continue reading

Grey Blue Hair Trend

We leave the banality of other women. Or maybe not. Dear girls, for the winter 2016 we have a lot to think about especially if we are interested in a look that makes your head spin (to others). After mermicorn trend , inspired by a mythological animal in the middle between a mermaid and a unicorn, comes another coloring effect: gray blue hair. The definition says it all: they are gray hair with shades which turn blue. A shade very original, for those who dream of becoming the fronzen princess despite the venerable age and especially do not want to go unnoticed. The new trend comes from Paris, where the women “normal” are turning enthusiastically to this gray color blue, which illuminates the winter. Continue reading