How to Hide Exposed Bathroom Pipes

Paste a carpet is by far the most effective method to fix this type of flexible coating on the floor, and ensure its maintenance over the years. However, the way in which you will deposit the carpet before its gluing will significantly affect the final result. Preparation of the surface before you lay the carpet in the ideal, a carpet should be placed on bare ground, although it is possible in some cases to paste a carpet on tile or parquet. On the other hand, it cannot be put on other soft covering, and certainly not an old carpet! If the room is already equipped with a linoleum, for example, you must remove it beforehand. Make sure that the surface is very flat and free of irregularities. In the presence of holes in the ground, it will be necessary to proceed to a finishing withresin.


The soil should also be cleaned and dusted, and of course completely dry before handling the carpet. Must what rules be given at the time of the carpet? Before you buy your rolls of carpet, take the dimensions of the room to determine your needs by providing a few extra meters. Once in hand, unroll the rolls of carpet on the floor making sure to center it in the room. Note that you must deliberately overflowing the carpet on the baseboards by letting go up on the wall on a dozen centimeters approximately. Using a knife to smear, mark the folds of the carpet all around.

Then cut out the excess by using a trimmer or a cutter. Make a V cut to the corners of the room, and cut the carpet along the door frame to the door. Let such carpet for 24 hours without manipulate it so that she can marry the size and shape of the room. You can then move on to the next step: i.e. The gluing of the carpet.

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