How to Prepare Walls Before Painting

Need to refurbish your interior or want to change the decoration? You should know that before you paint or repaint its walls, some preparation is necessary.

Need to refurbish the interior or want to change the decoration? You should know that before you paint or repaint its walls, some preparation is necessary. The washing of the walls to the blockage of the cracks and other holes, here are some tips for preparing walls before the painting. First step before applying the paint: cleaning, in order to get rid of the dust and other dirt accumulated (fumes from cooking, smoke cigarette, etc.), the cleaning of the walls is a must. To do this, dilute a little powder scouring (type St. mark) in a bucket of hot water, then rub energetically the entire surface of the wall with a sponge big jobs.Once the surface has been leached out, do not forget to rinse thoroughly with a sponge and hot water to avoid damaging any existing paint. Second step before painting: the blockage and smoothing in order to obtain a smooth rendering, it is essential to detect cracks, holes and other crevices on the wall. Thanks to the coating of the blockage, recap all the Hollows you have identified. Once dry, put down a coating of smoothing over the entire surface of the wall if you feel that it is not perfectly flat (plaster reliefs, old paint drips, etc.). Third step before painting: sanding and the underlay after letting drycoating, coarsely sand wall and take care then to well dust off all. Measure the number of square meters of the surface to be painted in order to set the amount of underlayment (and so paint) necessary. Finally, be sure to protect the entire piece using (along the doors, baseboards, Windows and floors) masking tape and plastic tarps on your furniture. You can apply an Undercoat paint fits to your future pigment (water, acrylic) and depending on the effect selected (sanded paint, plastered, etc.).

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