Women’s Cardigan with Pedrarias

Women’s Cardigan

Feminine Cardigan…. that’s something I thought I would watch it a few times here I changed completely opinion.. The feminine cardigan is the kind of piece perfectly usable in any season. In winter looks is great for creating overlays, already in the summer, the piece looks is light enough to protect that breeze of a late afternoon on the beach or a nice cold night … I always have one in my purse for emergencies and I’ve tried to use it as a tissue wrap (an easy alternative to create a point of color in the outfit) or tied at the waist for a more stripped! I find it useful, I find it easy to combine, anyway… I love it!!

The look of the day today, I’ve invested in more traditional way possible and let the differential to stay because of the Add-ons in neon and the detail of the coat, enriched with precious stones applied to the same color all over the front of the piece, this women’s cardigan of Chiclet Store is basic and at the same time has a charminho irrestível (the kind of clothes that we enjoy a lifetime. the/) to supplement, I was out of the fluorescent colors, pink tank top and accessories in lemon yellow, so many vibrant colors, close the outfit with a young look and super unpretentious. The look still has a hint of comfort that made me more in love with the production … Spied on and then tell me if you agree with me ok!?

Cardigan:Chiclet Store.Shorts: Forever 21 . Purse:Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses:Armani. Bracelets:Kafé .Pumps:Schutz

Look of the day with women’s cardigan of Chiclet Store

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Kiss, Kiss, and I hope you enjoyed the look mega colorful today! Until tomorrow girls..

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