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Sounds Smartwatch 3 for September

The IFA Berlin, which this year will begin on September 5, has been the fair chosen by Sony to present their Xperia ‘Z’. This year, it seems, there will be no changes: the X3 has been glimpsed, although it seems to have a partner in the form of the Sony Smartwatch 3. Continue reading

Wilson Sports Backpacks

The Wilson Sports Backpacks are perfect for those who like to go to the gym or play sports. They are sturdy, spacious and make it very easy to transport belongings on a day-to-day basis. In the stores, it is possible to find them in several models, that try to please men and women. Continue reading

Craftsmanship: FAQ about Leather Pants

And the male flagship Bayer is perfect For the Oktoberfest, the family celebration or the wedding in the costume of the best friend. Today we want to tell you what the leather is, why you should have at least one specimen in your wardrobe and how to keep the pre-printed copies of the leather pants best and to last a lifetime. Continue reading

Antique Clocks Collectors Tips

Collectors of vintage watches:

A collection for older people, is the collection of clocks. Of course that is not restricted only to this age group, but through research, found that 90% of collectors of antique clocks has more than 50 years. The collections have in vista wall clocks, pocket watches, alarm clocks and cuckoo clocks. Typically these older watches end up being passed down from generation to generation and when one of the family members realize, has a much appreciated by collectors and ends or selling that clock and profiting from it, or taking a taste for collection.

Continue reading

Big Size Online Clothes, Real Women’s Fashion

Large size clothing is an increasingly representative part of the fashion industry. Designers are realizing that beauty and big sizes are not exclusive concepts, but perfectly compatible. The sale of large size clothing online has been booming in recent years and we are seeing more proposals for real women on the runways. Continue reading

Escape the Cold Temperatures of the Weekend with BBQ Tour!

The cold came in autumn for the Center-South region of the country. For today (10), the National Institute of meteorology (Inmet) provides for minimum -5 degrees South and -1° C, to the Southeast. Frosts can occur from the South, even in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. Continue reading