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Improve Your Wake up with the Android Alarm Clock

Google’s decision to remove some of its core applications from within Android has borne fruit and allowed very interesting developments.

An example of one of these applications is the Android’s own clock, which contains several functions, including the alarm clock.There is now in this alarm clock an interesting novelty and that will improve your start of day. Continue reading

Adele Mountain Sports Fashion from the Allgäu Mountain Magic

Adele Mountain magic is a small but fine Outdoorlabel headquartered in the beautiful Allgäu region. Here, the chef creates yet even hand, and tailors most of the clothes itself in its manufacture. Has learned Holger Riedisser his craft of the now 90-year Adele. With Holger could not even thread a sewing machine at the beginning. A few years later he produces around 15 to 20 pieces of clothing in a week, and his collection is growing steadily. Continue reading

Did You Know That the Buttons Are Different?

A few days ago “discovered” that the buttoning of shirts, jackets and pants are different for men and women, I was amazed at how I had never noticed something primal in the fashion world! I don’t know if you already know this, but decided to post as public utility, after all why have historical reason and everything! Continue reading

The New Apple Iphone (5): Bigger, Slimmer, Better

The rumored kitchen boils and the Samsung Galaxy S3 puts Apple under pressure
The day when the earth stands still. He will come, but not until 21.12.2012. After the first lucky Android fans can hold their new Samsung Galaxy S3 in their hands, the iOS fans are eagerly awaiting the new Apple iPhone (5). Continue reading

We’re All Plus Size?

Love following the BuzzFeed. In addition to the lists that make me cry laughing, they’re always doing great materials addressing serious issues in a way that no one has ever done before. My newest favorite is this article here. In which two women resolve to show the difference between how a clothes plus size dress in a plus size model considered and how she wears in a normal person. Continue reading

LG G3 Arrives in Brazil

Smartphone will be launched in the country by R $2,299 and begins to be sold on Wednesday (23)

At an event hosted by Cléo Pires and held in São Paulo, LG presented this Tuesday (22) your new smartphone, the G3. The unit, released a few weeks ago in other countries, begins to be sold on Wednesday (23) in Brazil by R $2,299. Continue reading

Summer Travel: Have Unforgettable Holidays

Prepare your bags for your summer travel: destinations and Looks of Swimwear that you will love.

Get ready for your summer trip: the end of the year has arrived and with it the long-dreamed opportunity to rest for another year full of projects and challenges. Check out our tips for domestic destinations and looks of swimwear to make the station more hot of the year even more special.

Summer trip-National Destinhos:

Editora Abril in your magazine Guia 4 Rodas, did a ranking of the best Brazilian beaches for your summer trip. Let’s meet the first three positions:

  • 3rd place: Praia do Leão, Fernando de Noronha (PE)

The combination is irresistible: bluish-green, reddish sand and very quiet

  • 2nd place: the Sancho Bay, Fernando de Noronha (PE)

Crystal clear water and cliffs covered with vegetation form one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Brazilian coast

  • 1st place: Bay of pigs, Fernando de Noronha (PE)

The best beach of Brazil has only 100 meters long. Natural pools are formed in front of the Morro Dois Irmãos, postcard from Fernando de Noronha

Summer trip-Looks of Swimwear:

Nothing better than enjoying a paradisiacal scenario with good companies and feeling beautiful, isn’t it? Meet some options of Swimwear from Specialità Lingerie and make your holidays and your summer trip are even better. And to know all the options, visit the Specialità store.