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Eye Brushes for Makeup: Learn How to Choose the Models

Eye brushes-how to use

A beautiful makeup not only to the products used on the skin, and what technique you use to apply it is more important than the brand. The makeup brushes play essential roles in time to make a make, using the wrong type, the effect will be the same, since there is a template for every single thing that we do. Continue reading

The Body Shop Launches Line of Facial Masks

Sensation of the moment when it comes to innovations in skincare, The Body Shop ®, activist brand of natural cosmetics, launches your new line of facial masks, which offer a nutritional treatment specific to each skin type, made with 100% vegetarian components. Combining traditional ingredients with the most current technology, the products provide smoothness, softness and brightness instantly. Among the new features are Radiant and energizing Mask of Acai from Amazon, purifying mask and Shimmery charcoal from the Himalayas and deep nourishment of honey mask of Ethiopia. Continue reading

High-Waisted Shorts: Pictures and Tips

The high waist on the parts of female clothing such as pants, shorts, skirts and shorts make great success, and even with the entry of winter the high waist promises to continue in evidence throughout the station. High-waisted clothes already sets in the years 70 and 80 occupied again the parts space with low waist.The high waist is perfect for modeling the body of the woman and favors those who don’t have a lot of curves so conquered in full the preference of women. Continue reading

How to Use Bronzing Powder Makeup Tips

Bronzer for valuing the strokes

A good makeup is done by tricks, without it, is nothing more than a face paint. The your use should enhance the features, highlighting what is beautiful by nature and giving a little help on the parts that we think fall short. The bronzing powder or bronzer, it is a great product to perform tricks to make, the main effect is to give an air of beach, in addition to fine tune the face. Continue reading

Lady of Silk Brand Prioritizes the Female Silhouette

The Lady of Silk brand specializes in luxury lingerie for women with curvilinear bodies in plus size pattern. Its tailoring prioritizes the perfect fit for the silhouette of the Brazilian woman, besides having luxurious finishes that ensure a touch of glamor in each of the pieces. Continue reading

Data Protection on the Iphone: Siri Can Talk about You

Every iPhone user knows it: Siri, the friendly software, which by language turns into a personal assistant. As soon as an Internet connection, Siri can inform you about appointments or a good restaurant in the vicinity call-and you by means of GPS to go there. However, Siri can also chatter a lot. A security issue that has existed since iOS 5 and has not been closed by Apple. If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should check your settings and make your iPhone safer. Continue reading