Dior Homme, Fall-Winter 2011 / 2012 in The Paris Fashion Week

The of Dior Homme, male line of Christian Dior, is one of the most anticipated fashion shows in the Paris fashion week. Under the direction of Kris Van Assche Since 2007, the firm today unveiled his collection for autumn/winter 2011 / 2012, marked by the simplicity and minimalism. Black and grey colors were protagonists of the parade, accompanied briefly by the white, Brown and Red.

In general, the garments are characterized by the amplitude and straight cuts. In the main image we see some total black looks with certain Japanese air. Shirts, snapped up to above, present necks minimum peaks that almost become mao.

The long cut upper garments It is another feature of the collection. Coats, jackets or, even, vests are stretched almost to the knee. If you look at the first image, is the vest that falls below the jacket. A proposal which, though original, I am not convinced at all.

T-shirts oversized long sleeve v-neck to box are combined in monochromatic looks clips of wide trousers. What’s more, the firm goes further and proposes that they be of the same fabric as the pants. Personally, I get the feeling that are not proposals of street and pajamas. Undoubtedly, I’ll take the first option, with somewhat more fitted t-shirt in contrast with different fabrics and low vent Pant.

The layers they are for the next winter season. Also present in one color, black looks in this case, they provide volume and movement. A classic that is is settling more and more in the male style. I’m afraid that even though we are reluctant to incorporate it into our wardrobe Fund, we won’t take too much to make it.

The few prints in the collection are of this type in the form of irregular lines that resemble drops of wax that fall, present in shirts, vests and jackets. Sorry, I don’t like anything.

The cheerful touch to the collection has made it the Red, that at the end of the parade is has appeared in these three proposals. After so much seriousness, is appreciated the presence of the warm color par excellence both in monochromatic looks like combined with grey. A good way of combating the traditional sadness of winter apparel.

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