Jean Paul Gaultier Fall-Winter 2011 / 2012 in The Paris Fashion Week

Jean Paul Gaultier taking as a reference point for this his last parade Autumn/winter 2011/12 within the framework of the Paris fashion week, the figure of the character of James Bond for the elaboration of all the looks full of the proposal.

Although not all represent the popular bond, some are recreations of the villanos-malvados, most of the outfits pose a Alternative bond He doesn’t lose its essence of secret agent, always with that point so characteristic of the famous character Galán.

The parade taken as absolute protagonist color to the omnipresent Black, that splashes on occasions with Golden hues y oranges, timidly appears some Garnet and of course various shades of grey and earth colors. The Tuxedo and presented versions, along with the Quilted Fabrics and the use of the neoprene pants style long jhons they are the style of the show keys.

The versioning Tuxedo

James Bond without Tuxedo It is something that cannot be explained in any way, the most significant Agent 007 attire, revisits by Gaultier in unique outfits.
Presented in format long skirt and combined with tie. With American desmangada y short skirt superimposed to trousers (one of the most repeated by the master Gaultier style keys). Black and white regardless of the dinner jacket and accompanied a foulard or finish more than shiny insets on shoulder.

Gold and Champagne

It hard to imagine Daniel Craig for example with a Biker trousers with reinforcements Ultra-ajustados combined with a jacket cutting byker in dorado. Either with a black set of slacks with short jacket in gold prints.
Worse still with acolcados jeans and a Twin-set point of Lurex in ringtones Champagne, or a few beaded pants and a top more jacket game in Black mink. But the imagination of Jean Paul goes a long way.

Silhouette Android

The bad guys of the film are also represented in the parade, aligned silhouettes and up to robotic sets in total black look. Garments of minimal cutting in groups that mixed with more traditional materials and overlapping of garments. Highlights a Mono with reinforcements in the purest style Armor.

A touch of Orange

In this dark proposal is appreciated a note of color in Orange, positive color where there. Thus difficult tailoring sets; rider leggings more blazer, or Silk pants with vest and bow tie, Mono print over a neoprene wrap, or a skirt suit, all in black are accented in Orange, in flat format or otherwise with stamping psychedelic.

Neoprene and padding

We have seen it in many other shows, the technical fabrics y padded they return next fall, and with force. The feathered is presented in different formats often finishing bright and almost always with a large Hat topped with hair. In the case of Gaultier’s vision in shades of cream.
The difficult proposal encourages conbinarlos with pants of neoprene, turtle neck sweaters, or sets of shirt more tie game.

Transparencies and sequins

Transparent tissues in shirts that are combined with black suit and a coat of skin, or completely filled with sets of sequin, they are some of the details highlights of the parade of Jean Paul Gaultier, that as well he usually does it rarely pass of the most unnoticed, but rather quite the opposite.

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