The Best Street Style of The Week (XLV)

One more week, and with this already are 45, returns the best street style of the week, meeting point for the most outstanding urban looks that have been seen on the streets around the world.

No doubt the street is the best thermometer for measuring the status and current fashion trends, trends that we thought impossible are interspersed with garments more classic looking for the famous fusion of styles, giving as a result the most interesting looks and also in some cases of the most surprising.

Two cities have been which have occupied all the fashion world looks over the past seven days. The first Milan and then Paris, became the center of reference for the brands and designers who wanted to show their creations in the face next fall.

Is why the street styles of this week will focus especially on these two cities, where models, guests to the parades and anonymous people let themselves see and photograph.

We have the first example in the image above that brings The Sartorialist and where we can check the boom to the military shirts they are currently having. This essential color, preferably a green khaki, and the Court, as you can never see more long waist.

The protagonist of the image knows also give the casual and relaxed, buttoning a button and leaving the rest so that the shirt also let them see.

Also from Milan comes the following image, a classic and refined look, more Italian, but also with attractions such as shoes. About oxford’s vintage appearance that saw them have reminded me to post from my colleague Lorentzo debated where the use of this color for the shoes in any look.

And is that a pair of brown shoes are a real wild card, may not be the best option for a dark suit, but in this particular case of Navy blue suit the truth that apparently seen, they pass the test with note.

The bow ties are also left to see this week, bringing road already become one of the basic garments for any street styler self-respecting. On this occasion the combination coat beige and denim shirt is worthy of mention, along with the bow tie of ample proportions.

In London have also been notable looks and a clear example in the image above. The unnoticed doesn’t look for risk taking, both by the combination of colors (different shades of green) and stripes of the American, but that touch british does that look able to cope.

And finally, what better look to illustrate that even the looks more rockers They also succumb to the versatility of brown shoes (boots in this case), although those coat pants may not be suitable for all audiences.

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