Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in The Paris Fashion Week

We have not overcome even the surfeit of fashion week in Milan and we have to fight us now with the Paris fashion week, that gave start overhand and currently is in full swing with some of the most important country maisons parading the latest for the season autumn-winter 2011 / 2012, as in this case with the signature Louis Vuitton, It has done this afternoon to two and a half.

And the truth is that it has been a collection quite enlightening about the trends for the next season of the hand of Louis Vuitton. Last year decided to go for the coats three-quarter double breasted and Crusaders, the military-style courts both add-ins with a chromatic range Dim based on Blacks, greys and earth colors, This year it has decided at least in regards to the color palette, give a radical change and a wash of image.

The first and most striking of the collection have been the predominant tones: black and gray, which is not something that will surprise us Louis Vuitton, with the exception of leather goods and accessories such as handbags and the casiers, colors par excellence that define the signature in the male section are the earthy, the creams and greys. Well, This year the vermilion has carved a niche among them.

We found it not only in the snap-ins as we will see later, but It will be the dominant trend in the most outstanding looks as one and three parts suits, jackets, blazer and blasiers collection and even in their shoes or in the shirt. Contrasting with the black and the grey, it manages to give a twist to the autumn and colors to which we are accustomed.

In the outerwear stand out especially two things: on the one hand the idea of include padded the volume at the ends of the garment for power and the symmetry of the whole, and that we will find it both on garments belonging to turn classical and sober as predominantly red vermilion.

On the other hand forms will stylize exaggeratedly, giving a very geometric and rectangular Court finishes. Without double turns, with the simple buttons and closures with buckle belt or zipper. The materials chosen range from the feather and synthetics such as neoprene, the microdot to the napa.

The skins they are another decorative element in some of the outerwear although it is not the dominant trend. The sobriety with which arise the capes and gabardines are unable to synthesize very well the presence of synthetics in the form of animal skins.

So making a general overview, the military imprint is still pretty patent in the collection, being the oversized in the outerwear trend once more which has been imposed on the rest and adding notes of color very acidic and contrasting with black and grey on red marengos.

Other elements that are repeated throughout the collection are the belts above hips for minor items as the Blazers, jackets or the trenches. Bright and open cuts, clothes get a contrast of shapes and textures thanks to belt that contrasts much more to the whole.

It is certainly of a wink a lot more collections in which the use of belt imposed above the hip to get a different visual effect. This time it opts for belts more discreet, in the same color that the elected Assembly and if possible with disguised buckles that you don’t break the monochromatic harmony of the whole.

So, if we have noticed, most of the suits, jackets or outerwear, tend to end with curved cuts, grooves with greater or lesser contrast and in this case long above hip.

The vests they are also another great details in the collection. Not intended to be a garment that stand out from the rest but that it complements and they bring a touch of contrast through the use of different materials in line with the chosen colours: synthetic fur, rayon, silk or cashmere some of the employees are.

In regards to the pants, If they are not within shelter parts, they tend to rise above the hip also, with much more open, without adjusting the body cuts and giving a feeling of greater volume to the silhouette. Here without exception all the materials used are soft and much more light than the rest: silk and linen, though in winter, are chosen.

It should be noted that this way of wearing the trousers require extra support that can be obtained through the use of seat belts or straps. Louis Vuitton He wanted to go beyond and does so with handkerchiefs and scarves for the hip, knot side turned double and occasionally topped with frills or ties. A detail for the set which softens the rugged forms of upper garments.

Finally, in regards to the collection of add-ins, male bags as always caused the greatest admiration. Although this year has included in his collection bags of all sizes, this year has preferred to be much somewhat more exaggerated in terms of color and more discreet as to how, vermilion is the choice in most of the parts.

The quilts, stampings with the anagram of the signature and double handles with buckles are the only decorative collection elements as it prefers to be own bags and bags that speak if same. And as a curious note, red in Accessories, both flaps and ties or shoes, used not only to contrast with the total look black, they themselves create an own whole nothing discreet that Louis Vuitton has decided to bet this year on a high.

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