25 Curiosities About Underwear

The lingerie pieces continue to be a winning suggestion for special day gifts, such as a wedding or anniversary, or any other occasion to celebrate as a couple. And, why not, to pamper yourself!

And how has it evolved over the years? Now hyperrestaurant will shoes you some curious facts about the parts that are our second skin.

1 -Cotton is the best fabric for underwear.
 The article, being very breathable, can prevent bacteria from proliferating.

2 -Most women wear the wrong size bra.
 A British Triumph survey revealed that 64% of women wear bra size wrong. Among the justifications for this are: difficulty in finding the ideal size, not knowing the correct number and even trying to make the breasts look bigger.

3 -Bras must be replaced every six months.
 In addition to losing proper support, the old parts can become fertile ground for bacteria that have resisted laundering.

4 -Male slips do not cause infertility. The suspicion that some models of underwear can affect the production of sperm is a myth. The piece should be comfortable and made in a fabric that guarantees good breathability, just that and there will be no problem.

5 -Gossip can cause infections  if you exercise with a g-string or a g-string. Since it is a piece that moves a lot, it runs the risk of urinary infection. The small format does not protect the skin from the intimate region. It is best to keep these parts for days when you do not go to the gym.

6 -Slips with crotch opening were a common part among women. Not because they were sexy, but because the non-barrel pieces were unique to men.

7 -In French, the word “lingerie” applies to both men’s and women’s articles.

8 -Wonderbra was patented in the 1950s, but it took 4 decades to become a phenomenon.

9 -We can thank the ancient Greeks, they were the first to represent a woman to wear a piece that supports the breasts.

10 – At the beginning of sec. XX, a “monopeito” was a popular look among women.Her breasts were tightened on a bodice that formed a figure that seemed to have a single chest.

11 -A couple created Victoria’s Secret  as a way to popularize sexy lingerie for everyday use. It started as a mail-order service and quickly took shape in stores where women and men can comfortably acquire their underwear.

12 -Mary Phelps Jacobs was the creator of the bra, as we know it, in 1914 . However, the Frenchwoman Herminie Cadole claimed the invention in 1889. Christine Hardt has the 1889 patent, so none can be 100% credited. Anyway, women (and men) thank these ladies.

13 -The UK has the largest sizes of cups in bras.

14 -Japanese women have, on average, the smallest cup size.

15 -Stylist Gaultier created the famous cone bra for Madonna. This is inspired by the popular “bullet bra” of the 40s and 50s.

16 -The “bullet bra” is part of the aesthetics of the “sweater girl”, popularized by Lana Turner, among other Hollywood actresses.

17 -Maidenform fashion begins in the 1920s, when women begin to free themselves from their bodices and use simpler pieces.

18 -An American woman has, on average, 20 pairs of slips, briefs, strings. And the Portuguese? Will they have more or less?

19 -The bodices were reinforced with whale bone. This has led to a danger of extinction of these animals.

20 -Dita von Teese wears corsets for over 20 years , and manages to lower her waist by 40 centimeters!

  1. The metric system for size of cups of brasbegan to be used in the 30’s of last century.
  1. Latina women wearred lingerieat New Year’s Eve to attract good luck.
  2. Women usingstringare considered more creative in the sexual realm.
  3. In ancient Greek times, men wore strapsto protect their weapons.
  1. The sports bra appears for the first time in 1975.

And so, here’s a bunch of interesting data to get you started, or to give you a hint of what you want at the next meeting. Of the genus: “did you know…?”