3 Super Cool Ways to Use Polo Shirt

Hi girls,

It is with great joy that we’re back with our column here at UASZ to answer the question Gabriela de Mendonça. Bora there?

“You can give some tips with looks with polo shirt? In my head, she always comes back vibe plus or high school sports. How to use a little more cool? Impossible? “

No, Gabi! Super possible!

In fact, the polo shirt has this little air/high school sports, and much of that comes from your story. The polo shirt was created by a, the tennis player Rene Lacoste, to be used in the courts. She was inspired by the sweaters that polo players wore at the time and was then even that came the name.

There for 60 years they entered pro women’s wardrobe and not out there anymore. To have that footprint more Unisex (people, ancient word, right?) she was often used as uniform (in schools and workplaces) and hence this impression of informality.

But back to the question: what if I want to use the pole in a way nothing sporty, coolest, coolest, as does? Hold on us shows. Bora for tips?

BET On The High-Low

High-low is an expression used in fashion that means uniting opposites, use things that at first seem to have nothing to do with one another: can be formal with casual, expensive with cheap, new with old. It’s a great way to give personality to your productions and a awesome way to get your polo shirt of the commonplace.

Like the polo shirt has this sporting climate, the idea is to combine with pieces of different styles just to bring that “interessância” look.Can be a tailoring pants or a pencil skirt for more formal looks, for a footprint more pantacourt fashionista, a long skirt for those who want a more boho or even a midi skirt for a result more romantic.

Choose A Oversized Model

Who never stole the boy’s shirt/brother/father/best friend who cast the first stone. If you don’t have any male pole option to steal around, just buy your. Big one anyway. The oversized model (that is, greater than your normal size) immediately already gives a more modern air to your pole. The best? It’s super versatile. You can use the same fluffy, almost like a dress, inside the pants/skirt/short (a super cute 80s climate) or tied with a knot in front. Pure charm.

Abuse Of Finishes

A look is much more than simply cover the body. So, the finish (that is, everything that we put on the look that goes beyond the basic top + bottom) are so important.

In the case of pole, finishes also serve to alleviate this climate too. Can be an unusual coat on top, a pair of colorful sunglasses, a sandal diferentona, or even a bandanna tied in an unexpected place (on your wrist, for example?).

At the time of combining, it is worth thinking that the polo shirt is kind of cousin t-shirt, just a little bit more formal because of buttoning and fabric. So, feel free to combine everything you would combine with a t-shirt with your polinho. As always the key is not to be afraid and test in front of a mirror until you find a combination that makes you smile.

We hope that the tips have helped not only to Gabi, but also other readers here at UASZ. Poles are a great option to work during the summer (cotton is a fabric great for heat) and we hope that these tips help you to give more versatility to this pole for sure that’s stored in the drawer

And if you have any questions about fashion, style, and what combinations more arise from questions, we’re here for that. So leave your questions here in the comments or send by email to contato@uasz.com.br we will love to respond.

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And bora that’s just getting started!

Big kiss, Carol and Earnest.