5 Easy Dessert Recipes

Easy desserts are always welcome! We have chosen five easy dessert proposals that you can make, quickly, anytime. If you suddenly have dinner guests, prepare a banoffee bowl or a crunchy red berries. Are you going to have lunch at your parents’ house tomorrow? How about a drunken triffle or an irish cream tiramisu? All desserts are easy and delicious, with the seal of guarantee of Active Life.
5 Easy Dessert Recipes





2 loaves of purchase
Cognac – or other such beverage
800 g of strawberries, without foot, cut in half
250 g of crushed almond biscuits
1 vanilla bean – or drops of vanilla essence
100 g powdered sugar
900 ml cream
20 g white grated chocolate
A large glass beaker


Break the loaf into 5 mm slices and line the bottom of the bowl with some. They have to be tight. Brush the slices with the brandy. Choose strawberries about the same size and place them against the glass of the glass. Place the crumbs on the biscuits up to one-third the height of the strawberries. In a bowl, beat the cream, vanilla and sugar well. Spread a part of the cream in the bowl until it is a few millimeters above the strawberries. Level with a knife, then sprinkle with the chocolate. Repeat the entire process until the bowl fills. Finish with a layer of strawberries.


6 eggs
200 g of sugar
250 g chocolate quality (tablet)
250 g butter
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and wrap a removable shape with parchment paper. Melt the chocolate with the butter, preferably in a water bath. Beat eggs with sugar until creamy. Mix everything together and pour into a removable shape. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes. No longer! It will look like uncooked but that’s where the beauty of this easy dessert is.


125 g butter
60 g of oat flakes
40 g almonds
30 g of sunflower seeds
70 g of flour
1 c. cinnamon tea
75 g of yellow sugar
5oo g of red fruits
2 c. of corn flour
50 g of sugar, preferably vanilla
Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Melt the butter and set aside. Mix the oat flakes, rolled almonds, sunflower seeds, flour, cinnamon and sugar in a bowl. Put the red berries (blackberries, raspberries and blueberries) in a baking dish, sprinkle with cornflour and vanilla sugar and stir gently. Pour the butter into the previous mixture and pour over the fruit. Bake for 25 minutes. Serve with ice cream.


350 ml of cold espresso coffee (350 ml water + 9 teaspoon espresso)
250 ml Baileys liqueur
2 packets of champagne biscuits
2 eggs
75 g of sugar
500 g of mascarpone
2 ½ c. of cocoa powder
Mix the coffee with 175 ml Baileys in a bowl and dip the biscuits in this liquid. They must be wet but you must be quick so they do not undo. Cover a pyrex with a layer of biscuits. Separate the eggs and keep one of the egg whites. Beat the egg yolks and sugar until creamy and whitish, add the remaining Baileys and mascarpone.
Beat the white in castle and wrap in the previous mixture. Spread over the biscuits, add another layer of biscuits and finish with a layer of mascarpone mixture. Take to the cold at night. Before serving, with the help of a strainer, sprinkle with the cocoa.


1 package of cinnamon cookies – or one you like
1 can of cooked condensed milk
3 ripe bananas
2 packets of cold cream
2 c. of sugar soup (shallow)
Scraping Chocolate
Glass Cups / Cups


Place the wafers on a kitchen cloth, close it with a knot and tap with the cloth on the counter to undo the wafers. The idea is to keep bigger pieces, smaller ones and others totally crumbled. Put two tablespoons of cookie on the bottom of each bowl. Stir the condensed milk with a spoon and distribute it through the bowls. Cut the banana into slices and place them in the middle and over the condensed boiled milk. Beat the cream in whipped cream with the sugar. Divide the whipped cream through the cups and finish with chocolate sprinkles and a little more biscuit.