5 Handbags, That Every Woman Should Own

Must-haves-now may be invested without having a bad conscience in bags. Who owns these five models, is perfectly equipped–theoretically last a lifetime

5-Pocket, that every woman should own

Women can never have enough pockets-right! But regardless of current trends, there are five models, that every woman should own and with you is well equipped in every situation.

1. small shoulder bag

Angular or rounded edges-the shoulder bag is a classic that is used on numerous occasions during the day as well as evening. Large enough it (not to be confused with a mini bag!), so that all important items such as wallet, keys, and Smartphone space. Shoulder bags in colors such as Pastel pink or lemon yellow are just very said, but a model in black or Brown is timeless, and adjusts itself to the cocktail dress. Tip: On a long strap, make sure the bag works also cross over his chest as a cross body bag.

2. clutch

A clutch is beautifully compact and alone by the fact that she will be taken in hand, exudes a certain elegance. Therefore it fits to chic evening outfits, cocktail dresses, and floor-length robes. Practical: The clutch missed an upgrade the business look in a matter of seconds. Of course, neutral tones work almost always, but here it may be quiet something extravagant – with metallic effects, decorations or in glamorous silver. Who opts for loud sounds in the clutch, should accordingly adjust the color choice of outfits.

3. medium Tote

A real all-round talent! Because a handbag in medium format convinces with a discreet chic, with which you can do no wrong. Recommended color palette? Classic shades such as black, Brown, grey, or dark blue. A high quality with good processing and leather is important here, because the Tote is perfect for the job. Therefore, it should be large enough and include several internal compartments to stow away documents and laptop. Ideal: an additional, removable shoulder strap. Then, the bag can be worn on the road also comfortably over the shoulder.

4. shopper

Who does not feel to be completely loaded with bags and bags? A spacious shopper solves the problem, because the bag is large enough to carry stylish smaller purchases, sports equipment, the laptop or a few ballerinas. Mostly open top and two-handled provided, it can be comfortably over the shoulder carry – perfect for weekend trips, trips to the lake or the shopping. And those who opt for an elegant pattern or noble shades like cream, the shopper can use even for important dates.

5. bag

Bags, or so-called bucket bags, are not only said since the great seventies revival. Because the bags with DrawString and easy knautschiger bag form miss a casual touch to any outfit and work at the same time elegant. The classic consists of cognacfarbenem leather and is often equipped with tassel followers. Conclusion: a cool companion, which fits for it as well as to Festival outfits-interview and which guarantees does not come out of fashion.

You do not know what handbags really suits you? Find it out here.


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