5 Headphones To Make The Most Of Your TV

Nothing more annoying that being annoyed by the noise when looking at his series or his film favorite at home, quietly sitting (e) in front of his television. Fortunately, TV headsets are a solution to this kind of problem because offering listening comfort coupled with a very good sound reproduction. Let’s see in detail five helmets studied for television.

Headphones Sennheiser RS 185 UHF Wireless

Impeccable finish, the headphone Sennheiser RS 185, one of the spearheads of the series of headphones RS of the brand, offers directly home listening comfort and sound dynamic high quality, ideal to quickly immerse themselves in one of your favorite movies. Wireless, lightweight and with a very good autonomy, this headset takes manual controls to adjust levels of listening to your sound with ease while offering more detail and clarity. A solid headset for demanding audiophiles!

Headphones TV Sennheiser RS 4200 wireless

The Sennheiser RS 4200 will be helped by its format, light and less bulky than a helmet of the RS series, for example. Wireless, battery life of 9 hours and can be used within a radius of 100 meters around your television, this headset is easily connected to your TV in order to deliver you a powerful and immersive sound. The RS 4200 also offers the ability to adjust the scales of each headphone individually allowing you to optimize the voice by its function of integrated compression.

Sony MDR-RF865RK

The undeniable highlights of this Sony MDR-RF865RK are primarily very long battery life of 25 hours, ideal in the viewing of series, for example, but also its ability to offer the listener to powerful, deep bass. Closed type, this wireless headset ensures a sound insulation for better immersion while allowing you to adjust the volume of your sound with the controls built into the helmet. Its range is 100 m.

Philips SHC5112/10

For this headset, Philips has relied primarily on listening comfort and a lightweight and reliable design. Circum-aural, it guarantees an effective reduction of noise from your outdoor environment while enjoying sound clear and devoid of distortion thanks to its 32 mm speaker. In addition, the brand offers a second helmet to share your favorite music with your friends and family.

Helmet audio HiFi Philips SHC5211 wireless

Comfortable to wear and convenient with its wireless technology, Philips SHC5211 intend to offer you a sound experience of high quality at the very heart of your living room. Well insulating external noise through its type circum-finger design, this model highlights the clarity of sound and deep bass strengthening immersion. Ideal to watch many films subsequently, very comfortable battery life of 14 hours.