5 Jeans to Wear Instead of Skinny Jeans


5 Jeans to Wear Instead of Skinny Jeans

We are in the era of denim comfort and before the Skinny jeans was seen as a must have part of the closet, after all the fairer the better. It turns out that now denim models more stripped down and folgadinhos is that they are super in high.

So today we will talk about the main jeans models for you that want to replace the skinny and still be within the trend of the moment. Check it now!

Know The Models Of Jeans That Will Replace Skinny Jeans

The universe of fashion comes and moves brings us fantastic inspirations to wear on a daily basis. And when we talk about denim, we always see innovations in the cool pieces and trends that more and more win the lovers of jeans.

Nowadays the more stripped down and personalized your jeans the more it stands out. And the fashionistas on duty are already parading around with different shapes and no skinny jeans, see what they are for you to include already in your wardrobe:

1-Flare Cropped

The cropped jeans are already making a lot of success out there. They are super stylish and authentic that you can create social and casual looks:

Social Look: Choose a cropped flare jeans, a super basic V-neck blouse in white, a gray blazer, a black scarf, and a blue or red handbag.

Casual Look: Choose a flared cropped flared jeans with a high waist, a flowery shirt with light and fluid fabric, a raster or Oxford in wine or brown, and finish with a red or brown shoulder bag.

2-Straight Jeans With Folded Bar

The straight jeans is also a classic of our wardrobe, after all it falls super fine in any physical type and best of all is that it can be used at any occasion. One detail that is in high is to use the straight pants with the bar folded, is super charming, look:

Look for Night: Choose a straight pants with a folded bar and lighter wash, a lightweight white shirt, a peep toe or red color scarf, and finish with a nude color handbag.

Casual Look: Choose a straight pants with light wash and lightweight destroyed, a shoulder-to-shoulder jeans top, a caramel-colored sneaker, and a candy-colored shoulder bag.

3-Custom Jeans Pants

Today you can take advantage of the trend and abuse of clothing in your jeans, from destroyed washes you can do at home, patching applications, embroidery, stones and even handpainted.

You can create a super basic look and bet on the custom jeans that will already give that up in the look. Bet on customizing straight jeans and cropped jeans.

4-Trousers Jeans Pant

Want comfort, practicality and style? So wager strong on pant jeans. A success from the 80’s that also came back with full force to our trend, it still matches every occasion:

Look Social: Choose a pair of jeans with light wash, a belt in the color tobacco, a shirt in caramel color, a short tank top or platform in the nude color and finish with a handbag in the color nude.

5-Mom Jeans

The mom jeans appeared earlier this year in celebrity clicks and now the next season will mark a strong presence. These models are very slouchy with high waist, you can bet on models with washes destroyed, bar folded or with applications to give a more modern charm. One tip is to combine the piece with powerful jumps and super colorful, also invest in colored handbags.