5 Men’s Shoes For The Summer 2017

The Brazilian summer calls for practical and light looks so footwear ideal to accompany those clothes is an important choice, in addition it is an investment where we always expect a good return. 

In this post we will indicate 5 pairs of sneakers for the 2017 summer ideal for deprived combinations and in tune with current trends.

1–The Indispensable White Sneakers

The clean white leather model has become an indispensable item in the wardrobe of the modern man, became a real Joker, goes well with denim shorts, denim, chino and even tailoring trousers tailored for a casual look, in fact we gave a good idea of how to do this in this post here.

2–Tennis Casual Cool

As neutral as the white model, this Adidas is the type of shoes to wear out, you can be bold while remaining discreet and clean. Suede works great with jeans, but you can also combine it with a pair of chino type or a jogger Twill.

3-The Colorful Urban

With a footprint as well, this classic Vans model is a great choice for those who love shoes with strong colors and looks that draw attention by daring. You can use it with cargo pants pockets flat, jeans or chinos color, but my suggestion is a brown orange shorts and a short-sleeved denim shirt or long-sleeve folded, the combination uses primary colors (red, blue and brown or orange yellow variation, if you want to know more about, click here.

4-A Slip On, Canvas

Most tennis slip on type is undeniable – and beach footwear really get along in this environment-but this model of Kildare seems to have found a good balance between the visual and the coastal urban thanks to your color and leather details. It’s the kind of tennis that can be used with a pair of chino beige and a neutral linen shirt during a sunny and warm day.

5-A Retro Sports Shoes

Generally, we recommend that you not mix sports with casual clothing shoes, but the models with more classic style like this Reebok combine with your jeans and beat-up raglan t-shirtyour. Brown and blue create a good contrast, besides the shoelace merged creates an interesting visual effect.