5 of the Best Headphones for Kids and Teens

In a market filled with options, special attention must be paid to the earphones used by children and adolescents.In addition to equipment of the type that needs to be properly sized for each person’s head, young people should pay particular attention to avoiding products that cause hearing damage.

5 of the Best Headphones for Kids and Teens

Aware of this, some manufacturers are betting on more padded finishing accessories and volume limiters, features that are not always available in “adult” options.In this article, you’ll find some tips on products that offer a safe and comfortable use experience.

1. Sony MDR-222KD (R $ 180)

One of the best choices among headphones designed for children, the MDR-222KD is made to fit in the head of the little ones, but its handle is flexible enough that it can be used by an adult.The product limits its maximum volume to 90 dB and has padded sound outputs and a 1.2 meter cable.The only problem is the difficulty of finding it in Brazil – in the US, it costs $ 15 (R4 58), a figure that triples if you decide to import it yourself.

2. Philips SHK1030 / 00 (R $ 79)

Betting on a striking color scheme, the SHK1030 is tailor-made for growing children.With a volume limited to 85 dB, the product features an adjustable ultralight strap and soft earpieces that ensure comfortable and safe fit.

3. Vivitar V12009 (R $ 65)

Available in blue and pink colors, the V12009 has a neutral design and adjustable rods that respect the growth process of a child.The product has a maximum sensitivity of 85 dB (with a variation of up to 3 dB) and is indicated for the age range from 3 to 9 years of age.

4. Philips SHK2000BL (R $ 80)

Another option offered by Philips is the SHK2000BL, which offers a slightly more robust look than the SHK1030.The features are similar to those of the other model, including a 85 dB volume limiter and neodymium drives that ensure balanced sound and better bass response.

5. My first VTECH Headphones ($ 50)

Specializing in manufacturing products for children, VTECH offers headphones with a compact shape and sound limiting (with capacity not specified by the manufacturer).The aspect that stands out most in the accessory is the presence of a silent button that completely cuts out the sound reproduction – the small ones can also personalize the gadget with a series of accessories present in the package.

Unfortunately, the Brazilian market is still very lacking in headphones that respect the limitations and requirements of the auditory system of children and adolescents. That way, you have to look for this kind of product with some care to avoid falling into the easiest option: to buy licensed products of children’s characters that do not always bring the expected sound quality that can cause long-term damage.