5 Practical Tips for Traveling with Only Hand Luggage

The controversy over the charge of an extra charge for checked baggage on the flights of Brazilian airlines mainly affected who usually travels carrying many things in the suitcase.  Everybody has that friend who, when visiting another city, tries to carry the whole house in the suitcase, right?

This collection measure is still controversial, especially as there are doubts about the benefits that the consumer will have if it is approved. Even so, many people already travel only with hand luggage, especially on domestic flights, and this offers advantages that go beyond the possibility of lower prices. Traveling with just a backpack or small suitcase means you carry less weight and spend less time at the airport(because it eliminates the dispatch queue and waiting for the luggage on the treadmill).

We separated five tips to get a complete handbag, without stress and without leaving anything important outside.

1-Bet on mini versions

Shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, moisturizers … many cosmetics are sold in small bottles. If you do not find your favorite mini version, just buy the empty bottles and fill them with the products.

2-Wear heavy clothes on the plane

Is it kinda weird to embark in midsummer with huge jackets and boots? IT IS. However, these items usually take up a lot of space and weigh heavily. So, the best idea is to go dress them, to optimize the space of the suitcase! The same goes for voluminous scarves and scarves, which still serve as pillows or blankets during the flight.

3-Discover the vacuum bags and packing cubes

Do you know the vacuum bags? They are a hand in the wheel to decrease the volume of large clothes in the luggage. Packing cubes are also well known, and it is possible to find them in various brands and prices. They help to organize especially smaller suitcases, avoiding mess and increasing the space available.

4-Take only basic parts

Assemble each combination before putting it in your luggage. It is not possible to wear a different outfit for each day, meaning it is important that the looks share pieces and be versatile! If you plan to travel for a long time, inquire about laundry services at your destinations, so you do not have to carry much luggage. And most importantly, bet on clothes and combinations that you are already accustomed to. This is not the time to try clothes that you have never worn before and that may be uncomfortable or difficult to match.

5-Beware of liquids

It is always important to check the local rules of your destination and to avoid having your perfumes and other products being thrown away when it comes to safety. Invest in travel kits that save space and reduce the risk of problems.

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