6 Blazers for Summer

There are those who do not give up the blazer in your everyday life, others use out of obligation, because the job requires a certain level of elegance, but in both cases it is essential to know the fabric and the correct finish to face the heat.

6 Blazers for Summer

Here are some suggestions from blazers to create fresh looks light and comfortable for the summer:

1-Linen Blazer

Flax is a natural fiber very fresh and with visual pretty private, because most of the times, has a rustic air and raw great for moments where a casual clothing is necessary, but that does not match very well with very formal environments. A downside is the fact that the fabric crumple easily, but the blend of fibres (like cotton) used by some clothing minimizes the problem without taking your charm.

2-Twill Blazer

Made of cotton, can be a good option for blazers since that has the correct thickness and your non-liner synthetic material too hot. Its advantage is in being a structured tissue that can have a great drape and a blazer well done, but can ruin your visual if poorly cut. Time to prove to keep an eye on the shoulders and the play closed test to check the waist and the leftover fabric.

3-Cold Wool Blazer

The wool is one of the most expensive materials to make a blazer, but if your yarn is super 130 up you have in hands a fresh outfit and nice to use. Just watch out for the manufacture of ultra-fine piece as the 180, it takes a work of exquisite tailoring for the stay structured blazer.

4-Ramie Blazer (Or Ramie)

Already talked about it here, and it’s worth repeating: the fabric made from natural fiber is very nice for summer and when mixed with other fibers wins caractarísticas that can leave the coolest blazer as gloss, flexibility and the ability to knead less, because it suffers from the same problem of flax.

5-Seersucker Blazer (Or Anarruga)

Made in lightweight cotton, its main characteristic being slightly wrinkled. Used in navy-inspired looks thanks to its almost mandatory stripes, it is common to find them (the stripes) in bright colors like red, green, Orange and yellow, but the traditional Navy Blue it is.

6-Light Cotton Blazer

There is still that super casual blazer made of light cotton. In this case the idea is that the play is structured, staying with little trim that is a middle ground between a denim jacket and a chambray shirt, for example, efficiently complementing looks young, casual with jeans, t-shirt and cool accessories.