7 Brands of Watches That Were Lost in Time

There are those who refuse or cannot use, some people forget that some people don’t have them, the dispense and some people use them as play sets. We speak of clocks. Although there is a number of brands of watches, some more famous or more expensive, there are others that don’t sell well. For whatever reason, only a few old marks were and it’s not like that we’re going to talk about, but those that stayed behind. 

Here jibin123 will show you 7 brands of watches that were lost but not forgotten in time.

1. Cortéberd

This brand, created in 1790, in Switzerland, by a common watchmaker, became a mark of international renown. It was considered a premium brand due to particularities new on the market and was highly known for producing watches for train stations and the functionality of showing the hours without pointers through the jump-hour. The your order due to the crisis in the industry of quartz in the years 70.

2. Elgin National Watch Company

In between 1864 and 1968, this American brand built up an observatory to make sure you have the correct hour and produced high-value watches. World War II changed the course of history of the brand, who moved to war materials. Changed factory many times and in 1968 turned out to see your order and the order of the rights to the name that many pocket watches built. Nowadays, the name already exists, but has nothing to do with the original mark.

3. Ingersoll Watch Company

Founded in 1892, the Ingersoll Watch Company was established by two brothers who started selling rubber stamps, came after the clocks, Universal name, which were produced by another company. Were sold to resellers and directly to the public through catalogues. The end of the company arrived with the pós-Primeira World War recession, having open bankruptcy.

4. Jean Lassale

Responsible for the thinnest watch until then, this brand was born in Switzerland in 1976 by Jean Bouchet-Lassale. Received several awards, including gold medals and merit. It was a brand guy and came to be paired with the Omega SA but, when in September 1979 financial problems arose, the company’s sales of watches became imminent. The Omega came forward, but it was the Seiko that outlined the order of Jean Lassale.

5. Lancashire Watch Company

Founded in 1889, this watchmaking company of Prescot, England, intended to tackle the major Swiss and American companies. PRESCOT was home to various parts of watches that were integrated into foreign models, being this company an effort to make whole watches in one factory. Unfortunately, the company eventually went bankrupt in 1910. The clock of the owner of the company was sold at auction for $215 000.

6. Langendorf Watch Company

The Langendorf Watch Company, company that lasted exactly a century, was a Swiss who came to be the largest in the world. In the years 50 emerged Lanco, mark of the company, which also did not survive for long. After several attempts to keep the company in the family, this turned out to be bought by a larger company, Langendorf Watch Company history.

7. Molnija

This Russian watchmaking company was born in Chelyabinsk and produced several watches. About 80% of each watch was made by hand and this brand has produced military products as well. Despite having finished your production in 2007 can still find watches of this brand on the market.
Not all objects that mark the time advance with him. Over the years, watches that were once timeless turned into memories. Can you imagine a current watch brand to disappear in time?