7 Places to Rent Wedding Dresses

Marriage is the most awaited day for every woman, and the most desired time is to choose her own dress. And he must be perfect, with all the finer details he’s ever dreamed about, is not he?

Be it long, with tail, lace, embroidered, with veil, short or traditional. The wedding dress is the piece that attracts looks and charms everyone, so nothing more fair than being exactly as the bride has always dreamed of since childhood.

The great advantage in renting the outfit is having the possibility of getting a perfect dress for a more affordable value that makes your dream more practical and economical, and keeping in mind the total expense of the ceremony may be a viable choice.

So for you who opted for or are thinking of renting a dress in Sao Paulo, we will show you today 7 places to rent simply enchanting wedding dresses. Follow and choose the best option!

Meet The Most Popular Places To Rent Wedding Dresses In Sao Paulo!

1 – Santrix Brides

It is an Atelier that provides rental and sales of high quality suits, are fulfilling the dream of their dear brides since 2008. Besides selling and leasing there is also the possibility to make the piece according to the taste of the bride. It is worth checking!

2 – Talent Brides

With 20 years of market the Talent Brides also offers a wide choice of wedding dress rental. It has national and international inspirations, one more delicate and charming than the other. Download the free ebook about wedding dresses here.

3 – Maison Samya Wedding Dress Rental

Also located on the most famous Rua São Caetano, the store offers 4 unique collections created annually, with all the care and whim to make the brides even more beautiful for the day of your dreams. Look!

4 – Maison Gabriella

The store has an abundance of options for dresses for rent and also for sale. It has a very interesting initiative, offers five days a week a bazaar of dresses, with offers from 100.00. It is worth checking:

5 – New Star Fashion Wedding Dress Rental

The company has 25 years of experience in the field, has complete advice for the ceremony, from dress choice, party venue rent, personalized photos and albums to luxurious vehicle rentals. It’s a woman’s dream, check it out!

6 – Aslan Rigor Wedding Dress Rental

For 29 years in the market, it has a wide variety of models of parts for rental and also for sales, as well as accessories for brides. It also has options for beginners and trainees. Look!

7 – Mega Bride

Shop specialized in the field, it has several exclusive options for renting wedding dresses and also for debutantes. They work with tailor-made orders to better suit the brides’ wishes.

May these options help you decide or even get some ideas for the dress of your dreams. And remember! Your desire has no price, but an invaluable value of a memorable moment.