70s Bohemian Fashion

Fashion time machine makes this season held in the ‘ 70s. Hippie with fringes and weave in my pants, Yes, but also delicious Bohemian with fine print and yummy knits.

Trend is also characterized by loose cut and layer upon layer. These are two things that can get plus-the body to appear larger, because it hides the entire body instead of highlighting.

Here is the strap, as always, your good friend in relation to accentuate the waist and thus your figure. Go after a wide belt, emphasizing your waist more than a narrow, that can easily “disappear” round about, for example, a knitted vest.

To focus on long boots, you can change the width of the jeans out with a pair of skinny and tuck them down in boots.

Hat Yes, it might be a little too much of the good, but it is the easy way to get listed Bohemian style into your look. And so it is also a fun alternative to knit hat.

Upper, up to size 52, 499 DKK, Violeta city Mango

Bag is also available in Brown, 680 kr + shipping, & other stories

Boots with extra width, size 35 to 43, ca. DKK 2580, Ted and Muffy (formerly DuoBoots)

Belt, up to size XL (120 cm), 299 KR., Violeta city Mango

Hat, 199 DKK + shipping, H & M

Jeans up to size 50 , ca. 590 USD + shipping, Booth

West, up to size 54, 704.90 USD + shipping, Via Appia Due at Navabi

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