8 Charming Models for You to Be Inspired

Lingerie tea is an informal meeting twenty days before the wedding. It could be in the house of the bride or a friend. Do the weekends. Gifts are bought at the indicated store. The decor follows a color palette.

Red, black with pale pink or white with mint green are suggestions. Delicate sweets and snacks, mini sandwiches, canapés and colorful drinks are served. They are distributed souvenirs and have several jokes. But what about the lingerie tea invitation how will it be? We separated 8 gorgeous invitation templates for you to invite your friends. You will love them all! Come and see!

1 – Romantic

Invitation with floral motifs confers romanticism. The envelope is more charming with floral print on the lining. Another option within the romantic theme is to mix roses, a clothesline and put pearls in the invitation.

2 – Sexy

The theme has several options. The leopard print is not out of fashion. In red and black it gets sexy and sophisticated. According to usvsukenglish.com, You can choose a simpler model (pink), caprichar in the calligraphy and put a black panties. In the invitation you can have the caricature of the bride with a bodice. Corset-shaped models are beautiful. Invitation with a woman doing pole dance and details on lace is pretty sexy.

3 – Humorous

How about putting if your invitation is in a corset? It’s beautiful, sensual and sure enough your guests will melt by the invitation!

4 – Vanity

Invitation with vintage print, with cool calligraphy and enamel inside a tulle purse is charming. Another version is glue the enamel on the invitation and place a bow on the glass. Hand the invitation into a black velvet bag with a pink lace. Great idea, which reveals the bride’s vanity and his attention to detail.

5 – Cartoons And Cinema

If you like movies, why not? Betty Boop, the most famous pin up movie can not be left out. The character in short red dress and garter strap of the same color is super sexy. Incidentally, the accessory is an idea to put in the invitation. The redhead Jessica Rabbit, character in the film One Hundred to Roger Rabbit is another sexy character. Jessica Rabbit on a bodice invitation is a perfect match.

Still in the mood cinema, how about being inspired in the film Fifty Shades of Gray? The name changes to Fifty Tones of Lingerie. The invitation is black in postcard format. Bodice, mask, handcuffs are drawings that illustrate the invitation. The bride will tear down the lingeries she earns.

6 – Retro

This retro atmosphere is wonderful. A girl in a floral background, the information in a pink curve text box is super funky. Another idea is a pin up of lingerie surrounded by roses. Paper imitating parchment with floral details and old lingerie is also a good one. Sexy and fun invitations at the same time.

7 – Surprise

It looks like a little tea bag, but it’s an invitation. The card with information about the party is inside the package. It can be sober and romantic, in pink, white and gray, with stripes and flowers. With colorful lingerie designs is super fun.

8 – Mix Of Trends

The animal print is chic and fun. Floral motifs are also in the same vibe. Why not mix the trends? Zebra print with pink is very lovely. A redneck with red roses gives a passionate air to the invitation. You send an animal print panties along with the invitation.